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Why is Amazing Spider-man Vol.2 (1999) numbers 1-58 listed as Amazing Spider-man Vol.1 (1963) numbers 442-449?

Was there some announcement by Marvel that stated that they're the same series and those are the correct numbers and etc., or is it that just because it's just obvious?

If so, was there no mention by DC that Action Comics Vol.1 and and Action Comics Weekly are the same series, and is that the reason they're separate series?

I'm just wondering why Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2 and Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 are listed as same series (and different numbers than in books) while Action Comics Vol.1 and Action Comics Weekly are listed as separate series.

I'd attempt to change these myself but it was noted in the description, so this is already known but not corrected for some reason.

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@Edtion: It was done when the site started out and hasn't been split off because there is too much data in the issues, primarily reviews, reviews can't be moved and we don't want to delete them so we leave the two volumes merged.

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this has frustrated me for a bit...trust me nothing more annoying that looking for amazing spider-man (1999) #19 and then having to do MATHS to work out what issue i really mean