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I'm sure this is really basic to just about everybody, but I've never had a reason to do it before, so I need a little direction, please.  I can copy/paste a link just fine.  For example, my CV profile page: 
But if I want that link to say "cbishop" instead of, how do I do that? 
The reason I'm asking is that I'm writing a CV blog, and want to link to another of my blog posts.  I want the link to read as the blog title, instead of the whole "http" though.  Try not to be too shocked at my ignorance on this matter.  Truly, if I don't close Windows when it starts to rain, I'm doing well.  Your kind help would be greatly appreciated. 
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xerox-kitty's Beginner's Guide To Making Links 

 The Magic 'Link' Button
 The Magic 'Link' Button
This might be easier to explain how to make links completely.  
It's a similar process to creating a link to a Comic Vine page.  You highlight the word you want to turn into a link & hit the button that looks like a couple of chain links. 

Internal Links

 Making A Link To An Internal CV Page
 Making A Link To An Internal CV Page
Normally, if you're looking for a established CV Wiki page, then you'll get an automatic list of matching words.  So, for example, if you want to find Doctor Strange by highlighting the word 'Strange', you get a long list of pages that are closely associated with the word 'Strange'.     
Click on the option that says 'Doctor Strange', with his Main Picture icon next to it.  Then hit the green 'Create Link' button... et voila!  You have a link to Doctor Strange

External Links

The principle is the same when you want to put a different link in there (be it to something that doesn't come up on the list, or an external website) 
 CV Suggests Lists Of Internal Pages
 CV Suggests Lists Of Internal Pages
So let's say something banal, like: 

 "You can find it here!"

And we want to change the word "Here" to a link.  Like before, highlight the word & hit the link button.  Because Comic Vine thinks you're looking for a specific page with the word "Here", it therefore gives you a long list of options.  However, we don't want any of them... 
 Adding An External Web Address To Link To
 Adding An External Web Address To Link To
Instead, you want to remove the word "Here" from the bottom "Or search for a link" box.  Then move your cursor into the top "URL" box & paste in the full web address of the page you want to link to (remember to include the full http:// at well!).   Hit the big green 'Create Link' box, and then you'll have created your very own link!
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@xerox-kitty: Thanks, XK!  You are a gem!  (BTW, now that my question has been answered, I suppose this can be locked.  Thanks!) 
EDIT: And yes, I feel silly that I never saw the "Link" button in the tool bar.  I think I thought it was just some kind of spacer or something.  Thank you, again. :}