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I'm a premium member, where do I go to change it?

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I submitted a request to have my name capitalized once. One year later it was finally done. Good luck.

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I want my name changed too. I just want it to be "Blade4693" instead of "Blade_R"

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I figured out where to go to change it, but now I'm pissed off because it keeps telling me that I don't know my own password, so I can't change it. This is the second time, I just changed it before because it wouldn't let me change my email. I can't change my email because I apparently don't know my password that I just changed a minute ago (I do know it!). If my account weren't connected to Google, I'd probably be locked out of it right now. *Sigh*

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@dianaxkal: send an email to support@comicvine.com and explain your problems, they'll fix you up.