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With 2019 over, now would be the time to post my yearly “look back” into what I contributed to the wiki. Like last year, my focus was to bring the “Series” section of the site up to date, adding shows and episodes that should’ve been added years ago.

Throughout the year, I’ve been tracking what I added to the site, whether it be a series or an episode, it got added to my Excel sheet. By the end of the year it got confusing to look at, but manageable. However, I did feel I could have done better.

Anyway, this year was an improvement compared to 2018’s results. 2019 was a productive year for me on ComicVine and in my own life, I did a 180 on my career (we’ll see how that goes) and changes things for the better. And on ComicVine I added a significant number of episodes to the site, hitting multiple milestones, personal and for the site.

But you don’t care about me, you just want the numbers, so have ‘em.


  • Ace of Diamond was the 700th show to be added
  • A Certain Magical Index #207 was the 30,000th episode to be added to the wiki
  • I personally added 59 shows to the wiki in 2019 (doesn’t seem much, but adding episodes takes a lot of time when done properly)

Over the course of 2019, I added a total of 2504 episodes to the wiki. I usually make this easier for myself by breaking it down into three categories so that the numbers look nicer at the end of the year and so I can see what belongs to what.

Those categories are, Live Action, Animated and, Anime.

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To no one’s surprise, Anime leads the charts since Japan produces so much content compared to any other country when it comes to tv shows. A total of 2089 episodes of anime was added to ComicVine in 2019 by myself. An increase of 1141 compared to 2018’s 948 episodes.

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The top three Anime episodes added were:

One Piece with 205 episodes, Ace of Diamond with 163 and the original Dragon Ball with 128 episodes, completing the series.

Live Action shows were rather lacklustre for me in 2019, Live Action shows were rather lacklustre for me in 2019, only 236 episodes were added, with classic Doctor Who taking up the majority of it, 125 of the 236 to be exact.

2019 wasn’t a slow year for live action shows, I was either slow to add them and someone got to them first, or I couldn’t add them due to lack of access. Damn DC Universe and Disney+’s lack of availability in the U.K.

American animated shows were also rather lacklustre this year, with most of the shows having already been added to the site. The shows that I wish I could add are not legally available in the U.K. making it incredibly hard to get decent screenshots of episodes for episode stills. Something that I take seriously since it helps grab attention for a series. However, a total of 179 animated episodes were added in 2019.

Due to how time-consuming watching and adding shows can be, I’m going to be taking a break from this project and replacing it with a comic related one. The first project of 2020 is adding the entire Planeta Cómic library, or as best as possible to the site so that the Spanish side of the comic world gets a little more representation. Once that project is completed (or I get bored of it) I’ll be planning on revamping story arc pages so that they represent the stories for people are interested and gain more traffic.

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@cloudguy said:
  • I personally added 59 shows to the wiki in 2019 (doesn’t seem much, but adding episodes takes a lot of time when done properly)

"When done properly" is a fantastic caveat.