Another story arc request denied incorrectly

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Once again, I've submitted a valid story arc and got it denied by a mod who doesn't know better, and because there's no ability for them to simply ask for more details, they reject it because they don't want to google. This has happened so many times and is so frustrating. The full submission for story arcs is broken, and has been for weeks, and posts here in the forum go ignored and mods don't seem to care or fix it.

Are there any mods here who actually want to do more than reject claims because their personal knowledge isn't all encompassing? Maybe google something someone's asking for to confirm it actually is real, or reach out with a request for more info if you need it. These flat "rejected" responses are so frustrating when the request is legit and it's the mod at fault, not the user submitting it.

For any mod who might read this, though I doubt it, I'm referring to request 229726 for story arc "When Bongos Collide!" which is specifically referenced in the below three comics across different series titles.

  1. Itchy & Scratchy Comics #3 - When Bongos Collide Part 1
  2. Simpsons Comics #5 - When Bongos Collide! part 2
  3. Bartman #3 - Bartman Meets Radioactive Man: The Final Collision

Easily found on this website alone without looking elsewhere, but it can be found on other sites too. Moderating is more than "no" sometimes.

/frustrated rant

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@darkheraldmage: 1) This forum is not the way to get this type of concern addressed. PM a wiki mod, like myself or pikahyper.

2) I see you failed to leave a note with your submission. This would have cleared things up for any moderator looking at your submission.

3) Your image did not meet the qualifications for a default image.

4) You have not quite proven yourself to be a brilliant wiki editor, so knock it off with the rants until you have.

Feel free to submit it again with an image without speech bubbles, an image that depicts the actual arc, and includes a quick memo to the mods to avoid confusion.