2018 Comicvine TV Show Project Results

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Throughout 2018 I've been working on the Series section of Comicvine, many of the shows needed a massive overhaul in terms of structure or was missing page data. As of publishing this blog, 20/12/2018 I will consider the project on hiatus until January to spend well deserved time off and with my family.

I split my data up into three sections, Live Action, Anime and American Animated shows. In total, I have added 2005 episodes in 2018. Which equals to:

  • 559 Live Action Episodes
  • 498 American Animed Episodes
  • 948 Anime Episodes

The most episodes added to each catergory were the following shows:

  • Power Rangers (don't have the exact number but around 350 episodes) (Live Action)
  • The Centurions (60 Episodes) (American Animated)
  • Naruto Shippuden (220 episodes) (Anime)

I have finished working on 48 shows on CV, some of which just needed character associations or dates, so they didn't contribute to the total episode count. You can find those shows here. I also only added 7 shows in the entirety of 2018, which isn't much but It's better than nothing; plus I didn't want to start something when I knew other shows needed work.

For the shows that I am currently working on or am planning on starting in 2019 you can find in this list.