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I did a respect thread for Freeza some time ago, however, it did not contain many feats, and focused more on showcasing how badass and powerful he is, and a lot of scaling. Therefore I'm doing a totally new, different respect thread for him.

Unlike the previous thread, this thread will be focused on showing the quantifiable feats for him, from both Manga and Anime.

Later, I plan to integrate that thread with this one.

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Powers and Abilities:

  • Flight:
  • Ki blasts from hands, fingertips and eyes
  • Telekinesis
  • Ki manipulation, can increase striking power using ki
  • Transformation to increase his strength
  • Ability to survive without vital organs, or with heavy injuries
  • Skilled combatant
  • Smart and tactical (However, he can also lose his temper)
  • Ki sensing

Power-ups and transformations:

He usually keeps himself transformed into his weaker forms, since before Namek, he couldn't control himself because his power was too great

Here are the forms or transformations he used within the course of his life at one point or another, in increasing order of strength.

First form Freeza
First form Freeza

This is his weakest form. He is extremely short in this form, wearing armor.

Second form Frieza
Second form Frieza

Armor is out. Immense increase in strength. He grows to around ten feet.

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Third form Frieza. He takes up a weird shape, grows spikes and this is coupled with a gigantic increase in speed and power.

Final Form Frieza
Final Form Frieza

Final form, also known as true form Frieza. His power in this form is enormous. The transformation comes with a huge increase in speed and strength, and also very striking visual change. All spikes are gone, all damage done to him is healed, and it is like a new being has came out of a shell of himself.

Mecha Frieza
Mecha Frieza

Most of his body was destroyed in his fight against Goku. He was knocked unconscious and then hit with a planet explosion, so his lost body parts were replaced by mechanical parts.

According to his own admission, he was stronger than in Final Form but there is nothing backing it up

100% Freeza, also known as bulked up Freeza
100% Freeza, also known as bulked up Freeza

In his 100% state, Frieza can match a Super Saiyan briefly, but he can not maintain stamina in this state. It drains him heavily

Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza is the ultimate evolution, the pinnacle of the power of the powerhouse. He can match and even overpower a super saiyan blue in this form.

Initially, the form drained Frieza of his stamina quickly, but he has now mastered the usage of the form, and even after using heavily draining attacks for a long time to the point of exhaustion, he can quickly recover and fight at full power


There are 3 versions of Frieza

  1. Namek version. This includes the entire life of Frieza before the Namek battle, all of the Namek battle, destruction of Namek and his mechanical body parts (mecha Frieza), and death against Future Trunks. He has not trained one single day in his life.
  2. RoF Frieza: Freeza was revived by Sorbet in Revival of F arc. He has realized that he has enormous potential, and he trains to his limit for four months. He has heavily powered up and even achieved a whole different level of power,
  3. ToP Frieza: Freeza has spent years in hell again, but now realized his potential, he has spent his entire time image training. So, when he is revived for one day to fight in Tournament of Power, he has become much stronger, and he has completely mastered his golden form

However, for this thread, we will only focus on two incarnations of Freeza: Namek version (pre training) and current version (post training)

[n] will denote a feat performed by Namek version

Energy Projection:

Casually blows up planet vegeta with his finger [n] in his first form. Planet vegeta had ten times teh gravity of earth (which means it would be hard to destroy)

His dad (who's weaker than him) laughs at planet earth and said that him or Freeza could destroy it in one shot [n]

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Destroys planet Namek with a suppressed blast at half power (although it takes 5 minutes to blow up) [n]

Claims he can easily destroy a planet [n]

At half power, cracks the planet surface in half, casually by waving his hand [n]

Fires a blast at Goku (who deflects it with high diffiulty), and the blast outright blows up a planet on contact.

Fires a blast which can destroy a planet, while weakened, heavily injured, nearly out of stamina and in his final form

Kills Piccolo, while in his first form

Heavily injures Super Saiyan Gohan in his first form. Gohan was far more powerful than Piccolo in his SS form.

His death-beams injure Toppo, who could tank SSB Goku's instant-transmission kamehameha

Creates a cage of energy with his beams. This cage could heavily damage Ultimate Gohan or Dyspo


Arguably his best field.

No-sells and laughs at Vegeta's blast. Vegeta could destroy planets when weaker than this. [n]

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

Tanks a KaioKen x20 Kamehameha from Goku, at just half power. A much weaker Goku could push back a planet-busting attack at KaioKen x3, and easily overpower the planet busting attack at x4. A far weaker character destroyed moon with kamehameha. [n]

Kicks away a planet-busting blast from vegeta while suppressed. [n]

Tanks being kicked through several islands, destroying them while suppressed. [n]

Tanks Piccolo's blast in his second form. Piccolo was a casual moonbuster when much weaker and got several times stronger by training in afterlife, and became many times more powerful by merging with Nail, the only warrior namekian. [n]

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4
Freeza tanks a blast from Piccolo, who is a casual moonbuster, and got several times stronger by training
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3
And several times stronger by merging with Nail

Tanks spirit bomb powered by multiple planets, with some injury, at half power. Even small spirit bomb was stated to be capable of blowing up earth-like planets. [n]

Survies a planet busting attack with no ki left, when cut in half and after being blown to bits by Super-Saiyan Goku's kamehameha. [n]

His forcefield resists against SS Goku's Kamehameha [n[

Stated to have survived a planet-busting, while injured and tired, in his final form

Survives beating from SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta

Tanks Hakai, and overpowers and controls it (although with difficulty). Hakai can destroy body, energy, souls and existence.

Survives Hakai from Toppo. Probably the most impressive durability feat in all of Dragon-Ball. This Hakai creates countless stars and planets as a colateral damage and blows the stage to bits. Freeza is still conscious but injured and weakened, in his final form now. He is back to fighting in less than half a minute.

Survives a blast from Jiren when injured, in his final form. A minute later, he has recovered enough to turn into golden form again

Apparently survives being caught in #17's self-destruct and Jiren's blast while knocked out and injured. Although he hasn't been seen since then.

Healing factor

Regenerates his tail and heals all damage when he transforms to final form [n]

Survives being cut in half and continues fighting [n]

Survives being cut into tennis-ball sized pieces till he is put into healing tank [n]

Recovers being hit from Hakai in less than a minute, with injuries

Recovers being brutalized by Toppo after surviving Hakai in a minute at most

Shrugs off hits from Dyspo, who was able to hurt Hit the assassin.


Too fast for Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan to even percieve while suppressed [n]

Fires a death beam while suppressed, which is so fast that it travels several islands and kills Dende, while everyone including Piccolo could only see a flash. Piccolo was FTE to even casual bullet timers when much weaker. [n]

Outspeeds a kaioken x10 Goku easily at half poewr. [n]

Keeps up with Super Saiyan Goku [n]

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Frieza first form and second form would one shot everyone in Cell saga.

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Also has one hell of a durability feat.

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Freeza is the best villain in Dragon Ball. He's the Darksied/Thanos/Emperor Palpatine of the DB Universe.

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Nice reference material.

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This is awesome!