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The only one I can think of is Captain Ginyu.

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Ew, lol.

But no, not off the top of my head. I typically don't like when villains go good.

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Majin Buu should've gotten the frieza treatment

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@ig-88: I had written a Ginyu Force Rules story.

It was in a parallel universe, where the Ginyu force were like the power rangers, going around rescuing planets from Frieza henchman.

Ultimately, they'd finally track frieza down and have a final show down with him.

They'd all be their goofy selves except they'd be good guys.

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I would've loved to see Raditz and Nappa turn good so we could see how powerful they would've become had they lived and made it all the way to the TOP arc as reformed characters. It also would be interesting to see how their power would've compared to the living Saiyans in U7.

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The Ginyu Force for sure. What a waste if you ask me.

And Raditz I guess. MasakoX did a whole what if scenario for Raditz turning over a new leaf.

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Yeah i like the idea of Raditz & Nappa, especially Raditz being Goku's brother ! Would have been quite a good character development between the two,

I always loved Cell so would have to say him just for the fact he would still be around.

If Broly was Cannon, now there's a person i'd wanna see how powerful he could have become.

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Cannon and non cannon alike I’d say Broly but not in terms of being good but just being an anti hero or something. Would be interesting to see Goku and Vegeta get smacked then have Broly come and help em out. Imagine how strong he would be with a god form or something... good lord. Cell would be another choice along with maybe Super Buu.

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Raditz or Nappa

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Raditz and Nappa for sure. I wanted Cell to get the piccolo treatment, to slowly find his purpose while still enjoying his existence, except I wanted him more like an Anti-Hero.(And no not like Vegeta, he wasn't really an anti-hero so to speak and he isn't anymore.)

The great thing about DB villians is you actually want them to stick around instead of dying off.

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Perfect Cell, and maybe Raditz, although Vegeta makes him a bit redundant.

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Off the top of my head, I think Cell would make an interesting good guy or anti-hero. He's essentially an evil version of Goku in the sense that he loves to fight and test himself against strong opponents, but he also has the arrogance and pride of Vegeta and Freeza. So he has an interesting dynamic with the rest of the main characters. Plus I don't think he's nearly as evil as Freeza or Boo, he didn't kill nearly as much people as they did either. Hell Vegeta helped conquer entire planets and if you go by the filler he destroyed entire planets, and he turned good. Honestly I'm surprised Cell didn't turn good in the actual series the more I think about it.

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I think Cell could have been a really interesting point. The dude's went around with one thing programmed in his mind "Achieve Perfection" and once he's actually done that? Well, I think he could have had some great sort of emotional/identity crisis.

So realistically? Cell.

Unrealistically? I would have loved to have seen a good Black. I mean, how awesome would that have been?

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I personally would LOVE to see a good guy turn bad. DB is full of bad guys turning good, but the other way around? It hasn't happened, and I would love for it to Tien, fed up being forgotten and left out and witnessing a frivolous wish with the Dragonballs when ChiaoTsu is near mortally wounded. And he starts on a mission to kill them all and become the strongest on Earth, taking them out one by one when their guard is down or using Mafuba's, then seeing an epic showdown between him (with his ridiculous abilities as well as stolen techniques using the original Sharingan) and Yamcha and Master Roshi with unusual techniques and underdog fighting, and in the end, the not actually dead ChiaoTsu comes back and helps, tipping the balance. Have it a movie set in the 7 years after Cell and have that be the reason he exiles himself after wishing everyone back and wiping their memories of what he did.