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#1  Edited By Argentum

The Wonder Woman and related pages are really confusing - about ten pages for three characters!

The easiet solution would be three pages, something like this:

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Troia (Donna Troy)

Wonder WOman (Diana) (I know about the current situation in the comic but rest assured it will not last for long)

THis would require the following actions:

The current "Donna Troy" page renamed to "Troia".

The current "Troia" page merged with the above.

The current "Wonder Girl" page merged with the above.

The current "Cassie Sandsmark" page renamed to "Wonder Girl".

THe current "Wonder Woman" remains.

The following pages: "Diana Trevor", "Princess Diana", "Diana Prince" and "Diana" merged with WOnder Woman.