[COLLABORATION] Co;orist/Writer seeking collaboration with penciler/inker and a letterer!!!

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Hey all. I am a colorist and writer, I am looking to do a collaboration with an artist who can and will pencil & ink both, also a letterer.

I am starting a new universe of superhero, at least that is what I am calling them.

Any new original characters you create for this universe you will 100% own, you will grant us exclusive publishing rights for them for as long as you are in our group and up to 2 months after you leave, without charge. The same goes for any that you co-create, those you will split ownership with the other creators of the characters.

There is no upfront payment, this is a collaboration. But we will try to get them on IndyPlanet.com (Kablam's site), and DriveThruComics.com, and other sites like ithem. So there could be some backend pay if the books sell there, it is possible but in no way is it guaranteed.

If you are interested, email me at: davidcunningham@email.com


-David Cunningham Big Comics