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I thought it was a great idea, but poorly executed.

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needed more black , he looked like he merged with the carnage symbiote

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Would only ruin Venom.

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Was a funny ass What If.

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I still need to pick that up.

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Waste of space

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@Joygirl said:
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Does such character exist? I like the name though.

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Venompool was in a what if story in marvel; it was published at the back of What if Wolverine was a Father? And various other stories. I think he was amazing. But I would like Deadpool with Spidey powers. Hence the name

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Your right, its a good idea, but it needs to be re- written.

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Good idea but incredibly dull. It was trying too hard to be random and funny.

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The power of the jheri curl is strong with venompool.

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I hated it so much I can barely describe

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Hated it a lot

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Second Worst Comic Ever

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Sounds silly. Looks like Toxin. Meh.

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A little too silly for me, but the comic had its moments. We actually did a video about it on our Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/02VR0JHOBnc