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I'd love to see the Judas Contract.I'd also like to see C.O.I.E.That would have to be like a 3 part movie.Legends if adapted right would be a good 1 as well.

No more Batman stories for me though.I'm having overload on him.Unless it's The Killing Joke or The Long Halloween.

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I've got my fingers crossed for Kingdom Come.

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I would like The Long Halloween too. Of course, I'd also like the Black Mirror and Batman R.I.P. and a host of other Batman stories, but nobody cares about that. My next answer is Flashpoint, but they're already planning on releasing that in July! So, maybe Swamp Thing? Might as well start with the first arc of his New 52 series, unless they can make a good adaptation of Alan Moore's run. Superman For Tomorrow would be cool too.

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red son that will be genius

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Throne of Atlantis, Death of the Family, and Hush come to mind.

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Kingdom Come

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  • Kingdom Come
  • Brightest Day
  • Red Son
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Red Son


Court of Owls

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Kingdom Come, Court of Owls and Red Son.

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Kingdom Come


Killing Joke

Arkham Asylum