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With the second season of series Daredevil coming around the corner, I we should look back to review the feats that the first season had provided.

"We don't live in a world that's fair, we live in this one. And I'm doing everything I can to make it a better place."

―Matt Murdock

Daredevil Season 1:

Episode 1: (Into the Ring)

Matt vs Human Traffickers

Context: In Matt Murdock's first fight scene in the series he takes down Turk Barrett and a crew of human traffickers comprised of members from the Russian Mafia.


0:37-0:40: Matt knocks down Barrett resulting in him dropping his taser and being knocked out for a short period of time.

0:43-0:48: Matt senses an attacker, dodges and counterattacks, resulting in him dropping said attacker.

0:50-1:03: Matt fights his third opponent in a brief back and forth skirmish

1:04-1:19: Matt fights the previous opponent in a brief back and forth skirmish, eventually taking him out of the fight by breaking his knee.

1:20-1:28: Matt hears Barrett cocking his gun, grabs Barrett's taser and proceeds to use his senses and agility to dodge Barrett's aim.

1:54-1:58: Matt throws the taser at the shipping container, resulting in it ricocheting back to Barrett's head, effectively knocking him out cold.

2:00-2:03: Matt picks up the taser again and tosses it at the last trafficker causing him to fall back into the water.

Matt vs Rance

*Disclaimer: While the following assumption isn't as prominent as it was when the series first came out, I do feel the need to clarify that Rance is not some simple fodder opponent. He is a professional assassin. As shown from his moves, pain tolerance, and Wilson Fisk's statement, Rance is not some thug off the street. Now that this is out of the way...

Context: In this fight scene Matt fights Rance to stop him from murdering his client and potential love interest Karen Paige. After an extended battle, Matt ultimately defeats him.

0:12-0:53: Matt dodges Rance's initial stab and suplexes Rance onto Karen's coffee table. Matt and Rance exchange blows and Matt attempts to flip Rance, which Rance counters in mid-air. Matt gets tackled but gets the upper-hand by kneeing Rance in the back. Once they both get up, Rance charges at Matt but Matt counters and throws him to the wall. Rance attacks again but Matt uses his agility to run off the walls to get behind Rance and put him in a chokehold. Rance tries to break out by elbowing Matt in the sides but Matt doesn't give up.

0:54-1:30: Both Rance and Matt break the window and fall outside. Matt however hits two levels on the way down to the pavement. While it wasn't a full three story drop to the floor, the he hits on the way down shouldn't have been enough to slow down his fall substantially. After a brief flashback into his childhood Matt gets up from off the ground.

1:31-1:35: Matt blocks Rance's knee attack and initially lands a flurry of punches.

1:49-1:51: Matt breaks out of Rance's choke hold and escapes his pin.

2:02-2:20: Matt dodges all of Rance' attacks and lands various blows. Should be noted that Rance tried to surprise him with a knife maneuver (2:12) which Matt senses and dodges.

2:20-2:25: Matt dodges/blocks Rance's attacks,uses a juijustu move which sent Rance to the floor and immediately opts to dislocate his shoulder.

2:35-2:57: Matt senses the chain behind him and decides to use it to incapacitate Rance. After blocking Rance's attack and tying him up with the chain, Matt uses the rest of his energy to promptly beat Rance down with a couple of punches. Matt finishes the fight with a jumping spin-kick to the head resulting in Rance's defeat via knock-out.

Episode 2: (Cut Man)

Matt at Claire's Apartment

It probably goes without saying that Matt was severely injured throughout this entire episode and therefore was far from his best in this episode. Matt was ambushed by an unknown amount of Russians [the only thing we could determine about their numbers is that they are capable of killing an entire hospital (03:57)] The surface extent of his injuries is two or three broken ribs, probable concussion, blood loss, and several puncture wounds (11:49) and that's the stuff that Claire could figure out without extensive testing.

Context: This section is more for Daredevil's senses, accuracy, and pain tolerance while he was hiding and getting stitched up in Claire's apartment.


17:46-18:15:Matt senses Seymon going from door to door from the third floor. Matt's sense of smell is so acute that he's able to smell his cologne and that he smokes cigarettes despite Seymon being two floors down.

24:13-24:40: Matt was able to drop a fire extinguisher on Seymon from five floors up.

24:42-24:52: Matt was able to sense Santino from the floor above them. Also was able to tell that he was young and scared.

29:17-29:27: Despite his injuries, Matt is able to tie and hang Seymon.

29:56-30:02: Matt is able to sense that Seymon was still unconscious.

40:42-40:50: Despite his injuries, Matt is able to carry Seymon.

41:33-41:50: Matt as able to drop Seymon from several stories down into a dumpster. Matt was also able to tell that Seymon survived the fall.

Hallway Fight Scene

Context: In what is quite possibly the most famous fight scene in the season, Matt confronts the kidnappers despite his extensive injuries. Despite being outnumbered 9 to 1 with a few of them having guns, Matt defeats the kidnappers.


0:38-0:49: Kicks open the door and fights five of the kidnappers (one of them having a gun) off-screen.

0:50-0:51: Throws a kidnapper through a door against the hinges.

0:56-2:56: Matt senses a kidnapper with a leather jacket coming down the hall and throws a microwave at that guy's head while he was still fighting the other guys in the room. Matt immediately throws another guy across the hallway into the wall. Since the fight began we haven't seen Matt take a hit. Matt goes on to fight the remaining six without being tagged until 2:13 when he starts to run out of steam. Matt manages to maneuver them into the other room and briefly fights them off-screen. At 2:26 Matt is tackled out of the room but manages to elbow his attacker in the head twice to escape his grip. Matt dodges the kick of the other goon that left the room and drops him on the floor before knocking him out with two additional punches. Matt then uses a double leg trick technique to hit the last goon before he could get up (2:33). When the both get up Matt punches him, throws him to a wall, punches him twice, blocks his punch, and finishes him off with five final punches.

Episode 3: (Rabbit in a Snowstorm)

Matt vs A blackmailer

Context: In this scene Matt is interrogating the blackmailer for one of the jurors in his case.


33:51-35:25:Matt beats up the blackmailer and pins him to the wall threatening to break his arm if he doesn't comply. After getting what he needed Mat punches the blackmailer one last time and ghosts out on him (35:15).

Matt vs John Healy

*Disclaimer: Matt still had injuries from the last episode going into this fight. While one could argue that Healy was also injured, his defensive wounds were mainly cosmetic (few cuts on the face).

Context: In this fight scene Matt fights Healy for information on his employer. After an extended fight Matt defeats Healy and learns of Wilson Fisk.


0:08-0:10: Matt jumps from the second floor to Healy's back windshield and isn't harmed.

0:15-0:26: Matt and Healy block each other's attacks. Matt starts to get the upper-hand, kicks Healy in the gut, a and spin-kicks Healy in the head, resulting in Healy falling.

0:35-0:38: Matt blocks/dodges Healy's attack with the metal pipe.

0:39-0:42: Matt continues to dodge Healy's attacks and kicks him.

0:43-0:56: Matt dodges Healy's attacks, jumps on the car and spinkicks him into a wall. Matt then goes on to block, punch Healy in the face and disarm him very quickly. Matt and Healy exchange blows before Matt gets the upper-hand again by putting Healy in a choke-hold.

0:57-1:13: After Healy gets out of the hold, Matt and Healy go at it again. While Healy gets a few hits in, Matt clearly has the upper-hand. Matt blocks Healy's knees and kicks him into a thrown out mirror.

1:14-1:43: Despite Healy putting Matt in a hold and attempting to run his head through a spike in the fence, Matt grabs Healy's legs and drops him to the floor. Healy picks up a piece of glass from the shattered mirror but Matt dodges his attacks and quickly uses a grappling move to pin Healy to the ground.

1:44-2:11: Matt stabs Healy with the glass shard in order to get him to spill Fisk's name.

Episode 4: (In the Blood)

Matt vs Six Russians

Context: In this fight scene Matt uses stealth and guerrilla tactics to take down the six Russians who kidnapped Claire.


0:20: Matt takes out Mikhail off-screen

0:49-0:56: Matt lassos one Russian by the neck and puts him down.

1:06-1:10: Matt trips another goon and one shots him.

1:20-1:23: Matt Rushes a goon and quickly takes him out.

1:54-1:57: Matt tricks a guy to look right while he throws a crowbar from the left.

2:30-2:44: Matt punches the last guy several times before forcing him into an arm lock and taunting him. Claire finishes the guy off with a baseball bat.

Episode 5: (World on Fire)

Matt vs Four Russians

Context: In this fight scene Daredevil beats up four Russians so he could get information on Vladimir.


0:35-1:18: Matt uses stealth to appear in front of the taxi into his position when the fight starts

1:19- 1:27: Matt cartwheel kicks a goon which temporarily drops him, punches another goon a few times and spin-kicks him so hard that the goon leaves his feet and crashes onto the taxi's back windshield a few feet back (1:23). Matt then throws a flurry of attacks at the first goon, effectively dropping him for the rest of the fight.

1:32-: Matt is able to sneak under the taxi without the goons noticing until it's too late. Matt get the drop on one of the goons, quickly disarms him,knocks him out and throws the clip from the gun at the other goon across the taxi cab. Matt then flips and knocks him down and finishes him off with a punch. Matt finishes the fight by throwing the rest of the gun at an escaping thug, knees him in the face and badgers him for information.

Matt vs Detective Blake

Context: In this scene Matt interrogates Detective Blake for information on Vladimir.


0:13-0:20: Matt gets the drop on Blake, punches him, breaks his arm and pins him without trouble.

1:15-1:18: Matt breaks Blake's leg and knocks him out with a kick.

Matt During "World on Fire"

Context: In these collection of scenes, Matt is tracking down Vladimir for information.


0:58-2:38: Matt senses the Chinese heroin trafficker as he is about to press the detonator. After the detonator is pushed Matt uses his opponent to brace for impact when the explosion hits (1:00). Despite just being caught in the blast radius of a building sized explosion, Matt is still able to hear Vladimir and his underling escaping (1:46). Matt then sneaks up on them and takes out the goon before laying a beat down on Vladimir.

Episode 6: (Condemned)

*Disclaimer: Due to being caught in the explosion from the last episode it's possible that Matt is not at 100% this episode.

Matt vs Cops

Context: After being handcuffed by the dirty cops Matt fights them to escape custody.


0:36-0:55: Despite being handcuffed Matt managed to quickly take out the 3 cops in under 20 seconds.

Being cornered in the abandoned building

Context: Matt and Vladimir are holed up in the abandoned building.


16:14-16:18: Matt sneaks up on the officer, flips him, and quickly pins him down.

17:30: One-shots the officer.

21:06-21:10: Matt is able to tell how many cops and dogs there are surrounding the building.

24:56-25:19: Matt gets head-butted and hit with a 2x4 twice by Vladimir. Matt quickly fights back, breaks the 2x4 and tackles Vladimir through two floors. Gets up a few minutes later. Matt surviving is very impressive considering that Vladimir is a Power Ranger.

Matt vs SWAT

Context: In this scene Matt and Vladimir are trying to escape through the access tunnels when two SWAT officers working for Fisk manages to catch up to them.


0:18-0:37: Matt flips around automatic gunfire and takes out the SWAT officers in under 20 seconds.

Episode 7: (Stick)

Matt vs Yakuza

Context: Matt and Stick are out to stop the Yakuza from obtaining Black Sky. Stick has a hidden agenda in mind of taking out Black Sky.

Feats (Video is sped up):

28:13-29:04 Matt takes out a few Yakuza members via stealth. One shots a member via baton throw (37:16).

29:28-29:34: Hears Stick drawing his bow and redirect it's trajectory by hitting it with his baton mid-flight.

29:39-29:53: Matt takes out two Yakuza members.

Matt vs Stick

Context: Pissed at Stick for killing Black Sky, Matt attacks his old master. Stick was testing Matt in this fight.


0:02-1:04: Matt is on the losing end of this fight until he grabs the sticks. Matt takes a couple of kicks one of which took him off the ground (0:57).

1:05-1:48: Matt disarms Stick (1:11) and lands a few blows on the old man. He continues his assault with two spin-kicks and while stick is disoriented Matt kicks him to the stairs. Matt attack but Stick counters, attempting to choke him out. Matt does a front flip causing Stick to last on the last step, which made Stick lose his grip. Matt ends the fight with a punch and two spin-kicks.

Episode 8: (Shadows in the Glass)

Matt Chokes out Hoffman

Context: Matt tries to get information from Detective Blake but walks in while Hoffman kills him.


17:05-17:11:Sneaks up on Hoffman and chokes him until he passes out

Episode 9: (Speak of the Devil)

Matt interrogating Thugs

Context: Pissed off at Elena Cardenas's murder, Matt roams around the city trying to find her killer.


1:15-1:51: Montage of Matt beating junkies around town. Breaks the arms of two guys (1:36-1:37).

Matt vs Nobu

Context: In this fight scene, Matt falls for Fisk's trap and is forced to fight the relentless ninja. Through impressive will and luck, Matt somehow managed to defeat Nobu.


1:06-1:14: Matt knew how Nobu got past his senses.

1:42-1:49: Matt blocks Nobu's Bo Shuriken (1:42-1:49) but is on the losing side when they close the distance and fight in close quarters combat. Nobu flips Matt and punches him so hard that Matt lands several feet away (2:09-2:14). Matt and Nobu go at it again but Nobu quickly gains the upper-hand and kicks Matt into some barrels a few feet away (2:16-2:30). After Nobu takes out his Kyoketsu-shoge (or Shoge Hook for short) you can see that there is now running distance between them despite neither of them moving from their spot. Matt throws his baton only for Nobu to block it with the Shoge Hook, and slashes Matt's arm with the blade. Matt does a side flip to dodge the second Nobu's second attack, and attempt to take him on in close quarters combat again.After getting slashed twice, Matt finally lands his first hit, an elbow to Nobu's face and kicks him a few feet backwards. Nobu immediately tosses the ring which Matt catches but Nobu uses the chain connecting it to draw Matt in so he could spin-kick him a several feet away.

3:18-5:37: Matt gets up and dodges Nobu's hook, causing it to get stuck on the table, and kicks him which Nobu immediately counters with one of his own. Matt dodges Nobu's spin-kick, blocks his attacks and trips him while he was attempting a spin-kick(3:18-3:30). Nobu dodges Matt's attack and promptly spin-kicks him (3:30-3:34). Nobu gets his hook off the table and proceeds to cut up Matt a few times. Matt despite being cut up manages to land a spin-kick, taking off Nobu's mask and busting his lip (3:54-4:02). Matt is clearly losing steam (and blood) and Nobu continues to press his advantage with the hook, cutting Matt three times before lassoing him with the hook and dragging his bloody body across the floor (4:21-4:45). Matt gets up, takes out the hook and with one burst of strength, drop kicks Nobu a few feet into the wall causing him to get his clothes soaked in flammable liquid from the barrel (4:48-4:55). Matt does a kip-up to get on his feet, dodges the hook, grabs his baton, and uses it to block the hook which redirected it into a light bulb, breaking it, and having the sparks set Nobu on fire (5:14-5:23). Nobu tosses his Shoge Hook away and tries to fight Matt hand to hand but Matt lands a final punch to finish the fight. Nobu is knocked unconscious and eventually burns to death (5:26-5:37).

Matt vs Wilson Fisk (Round 1)

Context: Having barely escaping a death match with Nobu, Matt goes on to fight Fisk and despite fighting as hard as he could, he is eventually overwhelmed by Fisk.


1:20-1:35: Despite taking a beating from Fisk (0:00-0:53) and having sustained extensive injuries from his fight with Nobu, Matt still has enough pain tolerance to will himself to throw his stick at Wesley's gun causing him to miss and is able to escape by jumping out the 3rd floor window to the water.

Episode 10: (Nelson vs Murdock)

Matt vs Abusive Father

Context: Flashback-Matt just about had it with the abusive father and decided to beat him up to stop him from abusing his daughter.


1:50-2:55: Matt blocks the glass bottle without being harmed, gets hit a few times by the father and is being chocked. Matt breaks out of the choke-hold, headbutts him, and drops him to the ground before pummeling him with his fists. The guy had to stay in a hospital and eat out of a straw for an entire month after the fight.

*Disclaimer: While it may be common knowledge at his point, keep in mind that Matt is still dealing with his injuries from his fight against Nobu in the next two episodes.

Episode 11: (The Path of the Righteousness)

Matt interrogating Turk Barrett

In this scene Matt tracks down Barrett to find out where Fisk gets his armored suits.


21:29-22:00: Despite being injured Matt still manages to cut Barrett off during a chase scene.

22:09-22:19: Senses all the weapons Barrett has on him.

Matt vs Melvin Potter

Context: Matt finds Melvin Potter's workshop and fights him when he exposes himself.


2:00-2:05: Matt blocks Melvin's punch and lands a few hits until he clutches his side due to the pain from his wound.

2:06-2:18: Takes a few hits from Melvin but is still combat ready despite still dealing with previous injuries on top of that.

2:18-2:48: Dodges Melvin's punch, lands a few blows and suplexes Melvin. Matt continues his assault with a knee to Melvin's chin and a kick to his chest. Melvin throws Matt to the wall and drops him to the floor before throwing one of the gears at Matt. Matt dodges and continues to dodge Melvin's assault with a hammer. Matt elbows Melvin on the side resulting in Melvin crashing his head through the window. Melvin attacks again but Matt dodges and quickly disarms Melvin while smashing his head into a table.

2:49-3:27:Matt takes an elbow and a punch from Melvin, is choke slammed on the table while Melvin beats on him some more, and is nearly hung by chains. Matt does a back flip to kick Melvin in the head (3:09) and gets out of the chains. Matt then ends the fight by choking Melvin out (3:12-3:27).

Episode 12: (The Ones We Leave Behind)

Parkour Scene

Context: Matt is tracking a blind Chinese woman in order to find where Gao is shipping her heroin.


1:29-3:12: Matt uses parkour to not only track a car picking up a heroin trafficker but also beat it to it's location.

Sneaking into Gao's Warehouse

Context: Matt attempts to sneak into Gao's warehouse but is ultimately discovered by Gao herself.


0:30-0:37: Matt takes out one of the guards.

0:56: Matt takes out another guard.

1:20: Matt two-shots the last guard in pitch darkness.

Matt vs Madame Gao & her men

Context: Matt escapes the crowd and confronts Madame Gao about her blinding her workers and heroin trafficking. He also wants her to talk about Fisk.


0:12-0:17: Matt gets the drop on one goon and two-shots him. He then proceeded to flip around the second goon's gunfire and one-shots him with a kick.

0:55- Matt takes a strike from Gao which sends him sliding several feet away but is fine a few seconds later.

Episode 13: (Daredevil)

Matt vs Cops

Matt races against the clock to prevent Detective Hoffman from being murdered by Fisk's men.


1:10-1:24: Defeats four cops in under 15 seconds. Keep in mind that the all of the cops were shooting at him during their brief fight.

Daredevil vs Federal Agent

Context: Matt dons his Daredevil suit for the first time to track Fisk down.


0:14: Matt throws his baton through a truck front windshield.

1:13-1:17: Matt flips around automatic fire, and tosses his baton at the truck, causing it to ricochet to the agent's head (knocking him out cold) and back to Matt.

Daredevil vs Wilson Fisk (Round 2)

Context: Wilson Fisk is on the run after successfully escaping Federal custody. Daredevil tracks him down to bring him in to justice and they fight in a high stakes battle.


0:50-0:54: Matt flips over Fisk's charge, flips him to the ground, and kicks him in the face.

0:55-3:38: Matt throws a few punches at Fisk before Fisk grabs him, knees him twice and dodges Daredevil's punch (0:55-0:59). Fisk gets up only to be greet with a punch to the face and continues to take several hits from Daredevil before grabbing him again (1:00-1:09). Fisk then headbutts Daredevil, before driving him to the wall, tossing him several feet to a dumpster, tossing him again several feet away to the wall, and is pushed several feet away to the ground (1:09-1:23). Daredevil is still fine after that assault and continues to pummels Fisk with his punches and spin-kicks him so hard Fisk leaves his feet and lands a few feet away onto some crates (1:24-1:36). Fisk grabs a metal pipe and strikes Daredevil so hard it created sparks. After four strikes Daredevil dodges and brings out his batons immediately gaining the upper-hand due to his superior speed (1:38-1:59). However Fisk gains momentum and after landing 8 hits picks Daredevil up and drops him to the ground (2:00-2:10). Fisk goes on to beat the downed Daredevil with his own batons causing sparks with his strikes again (2:19-2:39). Matt gets his second wind grabs Fisk and pummels him with his batons until Fisk finally falls (2:40-3:08). Matt then finishes him off with a final punch (3:38).

Post Season 1:

Prequel MCU Jessica Jones Tie-In comic:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Context: Tracks down Turk Barrett who escaped from jail.

Feats: Takes out Barrett and the people playing their illegal poker game. Sends Barrett to the hospital after nearly beating him to death.

Quick Summary:

  • Striking Power:

    • Spin-kicked a Russian thug and Kingpin so hard that they left their feet and landed a few feet away.
    • Breaks 2x4 when fighting Vladimir
    • Drop Kicked Nobu several feet into a wall from a standstill.
  • Agility:

    • Can easily scale up buildings
    • Can perform various flips mid battle without problems
    • Bounces off the walls to avoid attacks or to set up his own
  • Reflexes:

    • Combat Speed:

      • Despite being half-dead at the time, went untouched in the Hallway fight scene for nearly 70% of the fight. (Episode 2)

      • Beats up 3 cops in under 20 seconds while handcuffed. (Episode 6)

      • Defeats 4 cops in under 15 seconds while they were shooting at him (Episode 13).

      • Defeats Turk Barrett and six gangsters in a few panels (Jessica Jones Tie-In comic).
    • Reactions:

      • Flips around automatic fire from SWAT officer (Episode 6)
      • Flips over automatic fire from Triad thug (Episode 12)
      • Flips around automatic fire from rouge federal agent (Episode 13)
  • Accuracy:

    • Ricochets taser from shipping container to Turk Barrett (Episode 1).
    • Perfectly times drop of fire extinguisher to hit Seymon on the head from five floors down (Episode 2).
    • Holds an Uzi with one hand and hits the pipes of the emergency sprinkler system (Episode 12).
    • Ricochets Baton off truck and the rouge federal agent back to himself (Episode 13).
  • Durability:

    • Tanks beating with metal pipe from Wilson Fisk.
  • Pain Tolerance:

    • Still combat capable after falling from a second story window (Episode 1)
    • Still capable of moving around and even fighting against superior numbers (9-to-1)despite having at least a few broken ribs, a possible concussion, a major stab wound, and blood-loss (Episode 2).
    • Able to defeat a skilled opponent in John Healy despite still retaining some injuries from the previous episode (Episode 3).
    • Gains multiple wound between episodes but it doesn't slow him down (Episode 4).
    • Caught in the blast radius of an explosion but is still capable of fighting a few minutes later (Episode 5).
    • Defeated three cops while handcuffed despite being caught in the explosion in the last episode. Is still combat capable despite the explosion and falling through two floors. (Episode 6)
    • Manages to fight Nobu despite Nobu slashingand carving him into a bloody mess during their fight. Attempts to fight Fisk, escapes, and was able to get to his apartment across town despite still being injured in his fight against Nobu. (Episode 9)
    • Is able to still to outrun Turk Barrett and defeat Melvin Potter despite still retaining injuries from his fight with Nobu (Episode 11).
    • Is able to keep up with a speeding car and beat it to it's destination via parkour despite still retaining injuries from his fight with Nobu. Takes a hit from Madame Gao that slides him back several feet and is still combat capable.
  • Technical Skill:

    • Styles include: Boxing, Muay Thai, grounding-and-pounding, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Capoeira, Taekwondo, Escrima,tricking, and pro-wrestling.

    • Application of skills:

      • Several accounts of bone breaking
      • Several accounts of dislocating joints
      • Several usage of submission holds
      • Several usage of judo-flips
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