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seriously who does not like free comics. I will give a free trade paperback of your choice to 1 person with the most original idea of how to give back to the community or what is the most amazing gift he ever got. I will ship the trade paperback on january first the contest ends on December 23 good luck and merry merry Xmas to all of you.

PS: trade can't cost more than $30 you got to understand the economy we live in :)

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Wow, no takers? Ah well, makes for a cheap parcel :)

I'm just putting a little idea out there.

Not original but not done enough, just going around town and giving a little something to the folks who don't have a lot. A blanket, shoes, gift card, even just a warm hello and little time for a chat helps some.

I'm gonna have to say the most amazing thing I got was my wife, we were married a week before Christmas, so it was an early present :)

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try to serve at a homeless shelter, that is probably the best way.

best gift i got, probably Assassins Creed Brotherhood

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Giving back to the community: Hold a canned food drive and then give the goods to a soup kitchen or ask a teacher what supplies their class needs most and donate them.

Best Gift: Tough but I'll have to say my Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-men Volume 1, I loved seeing what the team used to be compared to what it is now.

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I donate all year round to places like Goodwill an Salvation Army.

The best gift i ever got was gift certificate for tattoos.

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You could work in a retirement home.
oh wow, to be honest I don't know if I've ever received a gift that would be amazing but I guess it would be an accordion that I got as a kid when I started my hobby of music. Not sure if it was on Christmas but I'm sure it counted as a Christmas gift, lol.

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So this is Christmas and what have you done, another year over, a new one has begun...

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i dont get why its called xmas........isnt it christmas...wait are they different holidays?

i know its a stupid question,but very curious

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Way to give back to the community: There are lots of ways to give back in a faceless charity sort of way, but the thing many folks need is love. Soup kitchens or just buying a homeless person a meal and eating with them are ways to give of yourself. Your smile and kindness probably mean more than throwing money at the problem of "lack" during the holiday season (Though money is needed too! Never a bad thing to give in that way!) Most amazing gift I ever got was when I was very little I got a fisher price basketball hoop, which was left in the bathroom. After opening presents for what seemed like hours, I had to go the bathroom. There was a big box by the toilet (My mom told me santa had to go the bathroom!) My favorite toy as a kid, and my favorite Christmas memory :)

xmas is simply a shortening of Christmas. The Greek letter Chi looks like an "x" and is the first letter in the Greek word Christos, which we translate as Christ.

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Best way to give back as was said before is to actually physically be involved. I plan to take on a "younger brother" soon.

As for the best gift, the best I had was being re-united with my long lost sister after 15 years apart due to immense family troubles.

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The answer depends on if you are giving exclusively for the idea of giving or if you are giving also as a way of promoting your name / business. Charity is actually not the later, but even help in the name of advertisement is help needed.

The best one can do for any community during the holiday season is find out through sources what families are in need (struggling so much that they can’t afford Christmas). Many will donate toys and such to these families. Some will donate money. I find that in order to ensure that needs are best served for Christmas is to give food. A suggestion is, buy 12 cans of cranberry sauce, 12 cans of corn or green beans, 12 whole chickens, 12 boxes of stove top stuffing (or a generic equivalent), 12 graham cracker crusts, and 12 cans of pumpkin pie filling. This can feed 12 families of 4.

Next step is to find someone in the community who will donate these items to 12 needed families or just get a buddy to do it for you, in order for you to remain anonymous. If you are doing it as some sort of promotion show up wearing your company’s t-shirt and hand these out.

Trailer parks, housing projects, and budget apartment complexes are the best places. I’ve done this before and also had unisex brown bags of mixed candy and small toys made up to go along with it. I had a friend drop the stuff off to the manager of the trailer park I chose to donate to.

And in all honesty, the fact that to my buddy did this for me, kept my name out of it, and that 12 families were fed by an anonymous source for the holidays (actually witnessing the magic of Christmas with no strings attached) was the best gift I ever received.

Second best gift was my first bicycle - cliché, I know but who doesn’t remember their first bike?

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I've taken jobs where I've taken care of elderly and handy capped. However it didn't feel right see, I think the reason why I didn't do good at the job was I felt guilty. I've considered doing it for free, just volunteering I think if your not a cop, a firefighter, the closest thing you can do to help others is help others and have fun while doing it.

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adopted a kid/dog/cat and best gift would have to be the sega dreamcast i got when i was a kid.