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Win Saltire Invasion: Scotland's First Superhero Graphic Novel.


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Burns night competition: Win a limited edition signed hardback copy of Saltire Invasion graphic novel. The book will be signed by the author and will also include an A3 poster of Jimmy Devlins' iconic cover art.


Share the competition picture on your personal page and tell us in the comments something you love about Scotland.


Share and retweet the competition picture. tell us in the comments something you love about Scotland.

For more information go to

The winner will be chosen at random on February 5th 2014.

The will be one winner for this competition.

The prize is a hardback copy of Saltire Invasion signed by the author and an A3 poster of the front cover art.

This competition is open to all participants worldwide.

The competition ends at 12.00noon on 5th February 2014good luck!

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Just out of curiousity, why is it labelled as "Scotland's First Superhero"?

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HI there,

I know, it has caused some controversy! There are several answers! Saltire is the main character in the series, not a side character. This is a graphic novel series. Previous Scottish characters although fantastic and well written, tend to be side characters in an already popular group setting, or has been in a small comic strip or mini series. If you don't like any of those answers-

Chronologically he was created in prehistory, so therefore as a time reference, he was the first! :)

We feel this is the first time a Scottish character has been celebrated as a lead and as the main purpose for a graphic novel series. However, there has been heated debate! :) The knowledge of Scottish characters has been impressive! We do feel you have to think carefully when trying to think of a great Scottish superhero- that is something we intend to fix. So when you think of Scottish superhero, you think Saltire immediately!

Feel free to enter and if you win-you can decide for yourself!

Thanks for the chat though! :)

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Hi there

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Hi there,3 years late