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Thank you everyone who participated and helped to make this a successful contest!   


Here's the Winning Entry

AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
My comic of choice is New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #1. The reason why I picked this comic out of the many other comics in my collection is that this one has a rich history. It was 2006, I was in the 10th grade and my new friend (Will) invited me to go to WonderCon in San Francisco with him (which wasn't far from San Rafael). It was also my first time to go to an actual comic book convention (and than it became an annual event/ritual for me and my friends). A few hours later into the convention I stumble to one exhibitor booth and was looking around in a box that was selling comics for $6. After flipping through like maybe 4 or 5 comics later, I stumbled upon something I never thought to achieve in a life-time: THE NEW TEEN TITANS VOL. 1 #1. When I knew what the item was, I immediately said, "Sold! For $6!". Normally, that comic would be like $100 or more, but on my first comic book convention trip, I was one lucky SOB. Thanks to that comic, my first comic book convention trip will always be treasured in my memories.  

This comic was responsible for lunching the TEEN TITANS cartoon show that I enjoyed watching and made me curious to know everything about the Teen Titans and their enemies (I guess you can call me a Titan-fanatic if you must). The cover itself lead to many homage covers for a lot of Titans comic from over the years (the last one was probably the BLACKEST NIGHT TEEN TITANS #77 - featuring BLACK LANTERN VERSIONS OF HAWK, TEMPEST, AQUAGIRL, PHANTASM, PANTHA, WILDEBEEST and KOLE). When I watched episode 62 of TEEN TITANS (SEASON 5, "GO!"), it showed how the team was formed (along with an animated cameo appearance of the artist who drawn the comic book series - GEORGE PEREZ). The episode itself almost matched everything the first issue shown (I also have DC ARCHIVES: THE NEW TEEN TITANS Vol. 1, and read it instead of the comic I bought) and was amazed to know the difference between the comic and show. My comic was the first rare item I have in my collection and just recently I had it autographed by MARV WOLFMAN himself at WonderCon'11, and now I have some worth so much more that I can be ready for a happy retirement....    

I felt that I wanted to try hosting a Contest along the same style as the Comic Vine staff, who post the Contest & then the Results.  However, I didn't want my own personal bias effect my votes.  Therefore I turned to a couple of my most trusted friends who have been into comic books even longer than I have been; as they aren't Comic Vine members I knew they could provide the neutral point of view that I lacked.  

Here are some of the comments that were provided with the votes:

AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

  • For the pure reason of love for the source material. I love the Enthusiasm this fella exudes! It makes me nostalgic for the love i used to have :)
  • For his sheer slavish Teen Titans Fandom


  • I nearly cried reading this one... it speaks for itself. Sentiment and not selfishness being the reasons behind the choice of this fella. Lovely little story!
  • Sad story, but it's nice that everytime he looks at the print he thinks of his old mate. That really pulled my heartstrings 

Vance Astro

  • Better late than never i always say. Gen X is fantastically great and i love the honesty behind this one. I like the fact he doesn't care how much the comic is worth... he just loves it for what it is and what it means to him!


  • He has fine choice, he likes JLA Earth 2 which is a top story

Thanks again for helping to make this a fun Contest!  I'm only sorry that I don't have consolation prizes for everyone.  The next Contest is nearly erady, and I hope you'll all have a go!

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Congrats guys,  especially AMP
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@lazystudent said:
" Congrats guys,  especially AMP "
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Congrats AMP, sure would have liked it myself but way to go, you earned it!

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Congratumalations! Can't wait for the next one :)

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congrats AMP, and to all participants. There was some really moving and touching stories behind all the wonderful choices.

Another great one kitty, very creative idea :)
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Very nice contest.I enjoyed reading the entries and i'm satisfied with the result even though I didn't win.If any other contests have similar rules I will pull out the big guns next time :)

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Congrats AMP!

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This the greatest day of my life.

To the other contestants, you fought bravely. I was even touched by a few others (I even joyed the Ghostbuster bean-bag chair, I had lived on bean bags when I was kid and wish I had one now. To the guy with BATMAN - DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, your story was touching to my heart. I'm sure there was a time in all of us when we thought to through in towel and take our lives away, but there the game ain't over until you learn that there's more worth living, even I had a few moments like that myself....but I never truly gave in.)

And to express my attitude here's a song that goes out for the winner inside of all us:   

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@sora_thekey: Thanks man!
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yay !!! congrats AMP :D

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Congrats AMP.