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Ok guys, I'm making a fan fic about new corps for a new emotional spectrum. Whoever three makes the best corp(s). Gets to be a character in my fan fic that is that lantern. Please show the following,




Additional powers and skills:




Personality(must include corp emotion):

How they became the lantern:

Thank you, and may the best corp win.

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Please someone answer!

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Corp: turquoise lantern corps

Color: turquoise

Emotion: Calmness or the absence of emotion

Additional powers and skills: the ability to "calm" (depower) some weaker members of the cores.

Leader: myself

Name: E'on E'annzz (IDK)

Looks: A Dc universe martian

Personality: Very apathetic about serious issues, does not overreact over anything, shows almost no emotion

How they became Lantern: Fled mars before its extinction was kidnapped and tortured for years by alien criminals. He went through much of sorrow, anger, and depression before becoming emotionless over his situation and losing all emotional capability. When the turquoise like awakens it chooses him as its first corpsman. He uses his newfound power by "rehabilitating" his captors by making them emotionless begins building the turquoise corp for its entity Xifom.

Thank you for awesome thread.