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Now that the new Administration of Donald Trump has begun to make its policies known, I might as well lay my cards on the table as to how I feel about it

Although we must all hope and pray that Donald Trump(much like Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War) will govern according to the "better angels of his nature", I for am NOT willing to bet my life savings(if I had any to begin with) that it will do just that.

I have long been felt suspicious about the Republican Party per se( any party that spawns the likes of demagogues such as Joe McCarthy, Spiro Agnew and Sarah Palin makes me acutely uncomfortable to say the least) and to put it politely even before his successful bid for the Presidency I have long considered Donald Trump to be a boor, a bully, a blockhead and a bigot- the moral equivalent of pond slime.

(Already Trump has begun to exhibit personality traits eerily associated with his fellow Republican predecessor) the late Richard Nixon ( morbid paranoia over the press for a start- as if NONE of his Democratic predecessors from Franklin D.Roosevelt to Barack Hussein Obama were ever attacked or abused by the fourth estate).

His petulant irritation with those celebrities who refused to attend his inauguration or perform at it and the recent Women's March( in Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and other cities such as London last Saturday) betray a decidedly authoritarian bent- as if he was the master of the American nation and its citizens rather than their servant.

Anybody think as I do?