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It's comic summary time again!

To win some comics this week, you just have to read a comic and write (at least) 2 - 3 paragraphs describing the events of the comic.  As I've mentioned before, I believe this is a weak area of our site.

Since not everyone has a chance to make it to the comic store each and every week, I've decided to make this comic include THIS week's new releases PLUS last week's (10/1/08).

Each comic counts as one entry.   When you add an entry, be sure to post here so I can keep track of who wrote the summary for which issue.  As before, you don't have to be the one that uploaded the issue to the site, just be the one that writes the summary.  Make sure it is your summary.  Do not copy summaries/reviews from other sources.

And what I'm looking for is 2-3 paragraphs.  Not sentences.  Summarize the comic.  If someone didn't buy the comic, they should have a pretty good idea what happened in the issue after reading your summary.

Contest ends at the end of Sunday.  Winner will be announced on Monday the 13th.

Note:  I'm trying to get the points for issue summaries raised.  It's a matter of getting the robots to cooperate.
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Im game again, ill be getting new comics tomorrow anyway so booyah

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It is 1936 and young Max (Magneto) struggles in Germany as the Nazi regime rises to power. Max and his father can no longer ride on trains, attend certain events, or talk to certain people because of their Jewish heritage. Max refuses to give in and even stands up for himself against those who have taken sides with the Nazis.

Max wakes up in the middle of the night to see military men breaking into houses a beating the Jewish inhabitants. Max takes his family out of the house and sees the temple being burned to the ground. Jewish stores are looted, and those who own them are forced to sell the businesses at an unfair price. Max and his family escape to Poland, only to find out that the Germans have invaded. The Polish army, which at the time were lancers on horseback, are forced to face an unmentionable force, German tanks.
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Walking Dead 53

Plot Summary


The fallout of last issue comes to a hold. Maggie coming to grips that her father and brother are gone and everyone having Rick back.

The two children in the house who have lost their mothers have a moment, Sophia reluctant to say that her real mother is dead an that Maggie isnt her mother. People come to the conclusion that they may or may not be crazy, but in times like this a little crazy is what keeps you alive.

In the middle of the night three more people arrive at the farm, after a short altercation with few undead they reveal themselves. And one of them tells the group that he is a scientist, the very one who caused this whole mess.

Resistance 2 0

Plot Summary

The Horrible truth of the Chimeras is getting more an more diluted. Are these creatures truely from space or have we created something much more violent and disturbing.

The experiments on the humans are shown in their sick an twistedness within these pages.

Plus classified information on weapons and Chimeras.

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Essentially a biography of Senator Barack Obama. Begins with his early life in and his struggles with being a person a mixed-race. He then attended in . Barack then transfered to in where he received his B.A. Later he moved to where he became a community leader before running for the Senate. In between that and his campaign for the presidency, the book is filled with exerts from numerous speeches he has given over the past few years, and it also includes a conversation between Barack and President Bush Jr.
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Avengers/Invaders # 5

It's total mayhem aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier.:The Mighty Avengers and SHIELD fighting against the New Avengers and the Invaders. But things seems to be getting out of control and Dr. Strange decides to teleport the New Avengers and as many as the Invaders as he can not before Bucky Barnes found out a revealing truth from his future self now wearing the mantle of Captain America.

In the meantime, the  Human Torch realizes that the hell on earth he witnessed in the nazi Germany is similar to what he saw on the Helicarrier. It seems that the Life Model Decoys are sick and tired to be treated as objects. Will the Human Torch be the Messiah they have been expecting for? And how the Avengers will prevent this time alteration armageddon?
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Alrght hopefully ill have some more tongiht. But im in it for the reads, peace out guys.

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ummmmm i started original sin and then it got deleted. For Gmans did i still get the points,cause before i did it theire wasnt a issue for it so i did one. and now i dont have it. Someone please tell me why?

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DC: I am in no way trying to patronize, but it's a good idea to type up your sub in a text editor and then paste into the submission box.  That way if anything gets screwed up (bug in system, browser freezes, etc) you can always redo it and then delete after your sub obviously goes live.

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i get ya (and u arnt partonizing) yeah i see that now. i just did 310points worth and for some reason only got 270 added to my account. And it looks as if my point counter has stopped altogether at 10766.

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Plot Summary


The X-Men event of the fall begins in this one-shot! For years, Logan has been a man without a past, whose memories existed only as conflicting fragments. And Charles Xavier has been a master of his own mind and others. Now the tables are turned, and as WOLVERINE struggles to rescue his son, DAKEN, from the evil and darkness that have consumed him, PROFESSOR X comes face-to-face with the most terrifying secret of all! Beginning here and continuing in the pages of X-MEN LEGACY and WOLVERINE: ORIGINS this month and next, ORIGINAL SIN is sure to turn your expectations on their head!

Also featuring a reprint of "First Night" by Chris Claremont and John Bolton, originally published in Classic X-Men #1


Chapter 1

The issue starts with Wolverine remembering back when he was first asked to join the X-men, and that he was the only one of the new group that actually knew why he was their. Back to the present Logan meets up with an old friend who is hiding from the Chinese Government, he asks of the man known as Tso Ren Wu to keep an eye on his son Daken and make sure he stays calm. And that if Logan doesnt return to take him off the grid.

Soon Wolverine makes his way back to the mansion and finds Emma and Scott, smelling the scent of Charles Wolverine becomes enraged. He screams at Scott that they both should have told Logan that Charles was still around in the land of the living. He attacks Scott and Emma breaks them up, Logan states that Scott is still letting his women fight for him. A statement that causes another short argument before Emma breaks it up again, she puts her hands on Logan only for him to swat her away like a fly calling her by White Queen she asks "This is how its going to be." and Logan continues to walk saying "No...its just the way it is." walking out of the hanger bay.

Back in Tokyo Wolverine makes his way through the city, while Tso and Daken are kept in the dark from other eyes from a distraction by Tso's men.

Miss Sinister sits in a diner/bar watching Wolverine.

Chapter 2

As he walks the streets he can smell Charles and soon runs into him. Charles was waiting for Logan an sipping on a glass of coffee, Logan sits down an stares at Charles.

Another part of Tokyo Daken with Tso and a woman, he attempts to leave but the woman stops him from doing so. But soon apologies for her brash behavior, as he looks out the window he gets a pounding headache as someone speaks to him within his mind its Miss Sinister. She calls him to the roof, he asks her what she is doing and she tells him "Looking for you." that he is a hard man to find. Not believing her nor knowing who she is he tries to dismiss her telling her he is waiting for a friend to which she responds "Logan is no friend of yours." that he was the one who did this to him. He doesn't believe her and that Logan was the man to help him out of the "cave" he was in. Leaving Miss sinister on the roof she says that he will burn.

Back with Logan an Charles, Logan begins to tell more about Daken and that he is his son. Charles is amazed that Logan has a son. Then as the discussion continues Logan asks for Charles to wipe Dakens mind of all the brainwashing and all the mess in his mind. Charles barks back that he cant do that, that he has done it too often and its destroyed people. Logan wants Daken's mind wiped so that afterward he can choose to either be a killer or something better.

Charles still not wanting to do it says no that he WILL NOT do what Logan asks. Logan pops out his claws and "I wasn't  asking."

Above where Daken is staying two choppers sound off above it, and with a grin a pilot talking with Miss Sinister drops two napalms onto the home. The woman with Daken tries to warn him before the blast but is too late, and as the explosion erupts she is devoured in the flames. The choppers land and the men walk into the inferno looking for the remains of Daken only to fined a infuriated Daken and he ends both their lives at the ends of his claws. Miss Sinister walks in, Daken screams at her if she was the one to do it. She nods telling him yes that it was to show him what he truly is and if it makes him sad that he should stay an cry about it , but if it reminds him of old times that he should come an play with her.

Charles an Logan

Logan asks Charles what he sees? referring to the reflection in his claws. Charles says his claws in a sarcastic remark, and Logan asks again. Charles finally replies "I see me" he asks Logan if hes trying to show him something about himself. Logan says no that hes showing him the truth, that the professor made him. Broke him into little pieces and put him back together from those pieces. Charles doesn't understand stating that the memories were always there that they were there the first time they met. Logan tells him to read his mind, and Charles says no. Logan chuckles saying "You afraid to find out the truth the whole story that. That that day they first met he let him in the door, knowing full well I was sent to kill you."

Too be Continued.


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DC here. Double posted so using Jake to put the summery down


Final Crisis Revelations 3

The Anti-Life Equation has infected Gotham City, turning friend, foe and family into mindless slaves of Darkseid, and the might of the Spear of Destiny has left The Spectre powerless. Can The Question find the answer to restoring hope inside the one being capable of saving the world?


The issue begins with Mercy retelling what god gave all of us, the choice to sin an the choice not to. Those who sinned were cast away and those who didnt were saved. Then she comes to her senses as the Anti-Life controlled citizens of Gotham slam onto the three heroes. Spectre,and Mercy huddled together in a force field created by the Spectre. As Mercy tells how she died Sister Clarice she attempts to calm the citizens, yet to no avail. She comments that it should have worked and Spectre tells her it happened to him when he confronted Libra that its God's idea of a joke. Mercy barks at Spectre telling him that God doesnt joke with life. Commenting to herself that she speaks to him with authority she does not feel.

Outside the Question tries to defend herself from Batwoman. The woman she once loved under the control of Darkseids Anti-Life equation, Batwoman continues to beat the life out of Question. Question tries to beg an reason with Kate(Batwoman) but to no avail, she strikes Question down slamming her fist into her back. The pain is almost too much for Question. All the time Mercy can feel the pain from Question, and soon the fight is stopped with Spectre screaming "ENOUGH!" as he blasts Batwoman. Spectre believes if god wont allow him to restore Kate then she shall be ended by his hands. Question jumps in front of Batwoman telling him that she cant control the evil she is commiting that she is under control of the Anti-Life, Spectre comments thats even worse. Mercy does not want to see anymore bloodshed and she teleports Question,Spectre and herself out of the area for the safety of them an the ones around them.

Cain and his followers continue their treck towards Spectre, Cain stops and comments on the work he has done already that his father would be proud. His followers commenting on what he has already done, he tells them that its almost over that this is nothing that awaits once he is revenged upon god.

Back with Spectre an company he comments that this is what God wanted. That he has abandoned them, leaving them powerless to do anything against what they are fighting against. Soon the Questions wounds become too much for her an Spectre points out the damage, soon afterwards Mercy places her hand on Question and heals her. Spectre then grows angered that god allows Mercy to heal Question while his power is bit by bit whittling away, that he was unable to stop Libra because god wouldnt allow it. That why was she spared and not his brother Jake.

Soon more people come to the church they are in looking for help, as Question helps them in Mercy in her human form gasps in surprise. Spectre now in human form comments that the people outside who are being controlled are stopped cause they are protected, but Mercy interjects saying that they are waiting. Spectre asks waiting for what ?. Question tells them both she already told them, it was all in the Crime bible. The people are waiting for Cain that he has the spear and is coming for Spectre. Mercy continues with what Question was saying, telling Spectre that Cain is after him because he was the one who took him down that Cain is coming back for revenge....revenge upon god by killing Spectre. Mercy finally seeing something is up with their powers pointing out three men in the church asking if Spectre feels anything if god is pointing them out, when Spectre says no she tells him that they were the three that killed her. She walks up to them turning into Mercy asking if they remember her to look at what they did to her. They plead to her telling her sorry and asking for forgivness, she replies "I dont know how to." then Questions gaze turns to the door as she tells them "HE'S HERE".

Cain is outside goading Spectre to come out an stop being a coward, to come out an fight him. Surrounded by his people who worship him along with the ones controlled by the Anti-Life. Soon Spectre does as he is asked an comes out fists swinging, Cain laughs at his attempts at fighting telling him he is using his fists when he has great power at his disposal. That Spectre knows nothing of vengence and gouging out Spectres eye out, as Spectre writhes in pain Cain tells him "I birthed murder...allow me to demonstrate." And plunges the spear of Desitiny into Spectre.

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We don't need the entire issues transcribed.  Just a few paragraphs.  Keyword: summary.

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...alright and im sorry lmao.

the next ones i got for tomorrow if their not taken ill shorten them. 2 paragraphs i can do that

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Crossed #1

Who are the crossed? Are they zombies? Are they people infected by some kind of virus? People plagued by infinite rage? We still don't know. But what we know is that they are extremely violent and you can't stop them with salt, unless you want to be dismembered or suffer a worse fate that involves more than your dignity.

The world is doomed and radioactive. The only survivors are a horde of murderous beasts and a small group of harmless survivors with almost no food and no weapons. Things couldn't be worse for humankind but Garth Ennis has always unpleasant surprises.

Gears of War #1

Sera is completely devastated and only a couple of Gears are still alive. Leading the quest for survivor is the mythical Marcus Fenix who is still a reference for rookies and a hero among veteran Gears.

After finding one single Gear in a long time, the unit is ordered to return to base but a distress call pushes them for one last stop. Unluckily for them, the Locust Horde is behind the ambush and with the raw power or a group of Boomers, the story of the heroes is ending before it really starts.

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Deadpool 3



Another bright day in the life of Deadpool, totally care free and not a single thing to do...right. As soon as Deadpool finishes his day dreaming of how he see's the world (ie mini Nick Fury) the Super Skrull who is out for Deadpools head comes a knocking gunning for Deadpool. The final fight between our merc with a mouth and the extreamly angered Super Skrull is at foot.  The Skrull chases Deadpool into the pipeline of the skrull space ship cornering him. A fight breaks and the two have an all out brawl

And the doc of the Skrull finds out that his perfect soldiers arnt so perfect. Deadpool outsmarts a genius (I know confuses me saying that). And at the end of the day Deadpool manages to screw it up...again. Who is the mysterious man and what will happen next.

Action Comics 870



The conclusion to the monumental Superman tale ends with a bang. Brainiac thinks he has the man of steel fooled and in control, toying with his emotions and the cities he loves. But soon the smartest machine in the universe is thrown for a loop when Superman escapes his bonds. Kara must overcome her fears of inadaquecy compared to her cousin and truly save the world from Brainiacs weapons.

The finale of this issue shows that one man can make a difference for the entire world, taking Brainiac into his hands an showing him a whooping earthman style. Showing the evil machine that not everything can be controlled in this universe nothing is capable of controlling life. As the end of the day comes will Superman loose someone close? And who will it be?

Invincible Iron Man 6



Is this the day the Man of Iron finally meets his match...maybe. Tony sends his Iron Men to disable the bombers, he doesn't want a body count. But the bombers are still set in their mind their the martyrs and Stane is the man who will lead them.  Tony improvices in his fight with Stane bringing in more Iron Man armors to his fight in attempts to distract Stane long enough and give him an advantage. Soon Tony must take it into his own iron cold hands to defeat this man, but as he knew it would happen the bombers set off the bombs within their suits and three go off leveling cities.

His fight with Stane is a trying one will he make the killshot or will he not. Soon he makes the decision that affects the entire globe, the world without electricity. Trillions lost for one pathetic excuse for a child....Tony is angry and he makes the final showdown between his long time nemesis son a good one making Stane see what he has done. The world will not be the same, and Tony will never be the same again once he sees what he must do to stop this from ever happening again.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #44



When the world gives you a batch full of new mutant lizards...you find a way not to die. This is what our friendly neighborhood Spider is trying to do. The world is about to be turned upside down if Spider-man cant stop Dr. Connors and the new Lizards in town. How did the new lizards aquire the serum to turn themselves into these beasts and why cant they remember doing so. Along with an appearance of the Serpent Society.

What the Serpents want with the serum, and all the answers for all the questions Peter has will be revealed.

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Detective Comics #849

Selina is dying and Batman will do everything he can to punish the man responsible: Tommy Elliot. But things won't be easy for the Caped Crusader as Hush has been waiting this final showdown for years. Elliot's plans is aimed not only to kill the woman Batman loves, but to destroy everything Batman has built and that means not only to kill everyone he cares for but even to steal Wayne's face. Maybe this is really the end of Batman...
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Baal Zak said:
"Detective Comics #849

Selina is dying and Batman will do everything he can to punish the man responsible: Tommy Elliot. But things won't be easy for the Caped Crusader as Hush has been waiting this final showdown for years. Elliot's plans is aimed not only to kill the woman Batman loves, but to destroy everything Batman has built and that means not only to kill everyone he cares for but even to steal Wayne's face. Maybe this is really the end of Batman..."
Thank you for doing that bro...never got around to that. (Plus didnt really enjoy it)
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Green Lantern 35


Pulled from their mission dealing with Atroticus Hal Jordan and Sinestro are put on court for their disobedience with following the rules of the Green Lantern. The trial begins with the Guardians barking at the two lanterns for what they did an how they went about capturing Atroticus. Soon even after being told to keep quiet Hal speaks his mind, telling the Guardians are the ones who fear not them. That they themselves fear the Green Lanterns that their entire city is made yellow for the very reason that the Green Lanterns cant hurt them.That it is for the better that both Sinestro and Hal worked together to capture Atroticus rather than doing it alone. The Guaridans reply with anger but soon see what Jordan is true that when the two worked together they were able to fullfil their mission.

After the court ends the Guardians instruct Sinestro to return Atroticus to Ysmault, after he returns the vile creature to Ysmault, Atroticus tells Sinestro that their is something he should fear. That his home planet will fall into chaos. Not believing Atroticus Sinestro leaves.

Back on Earth Hal finds himself working with Carol and attempts to court her to no avail, and at a cemetary he reveals himself to Jim an hands him a book explaining everything.

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DC again

Pulp Tales 1


A compilation from stories from some of the most acclaimed writers.

Blue Jacket

A team of men an women searching for the weird an unusual for a cooperation who wants to put new an oddities on display for the Blue Jacket enterprises. The task of acquiring these said oddities is more than a bit difficult.

Newt Lawman And the Secrets of the Vally Chapter XV

The heroes of this tale Newt Lawman and Running Bear attempt to find the Golden Axe to exchange for the life of Maggie Mae but  are surrounded by angry Apaches vying for their heads. Guns an Arrows run rampant as the twosome try and find a way out of their predicament.

The Crescent Flame

 A fire engulfs a apartment building and Harry has the photo's of who started it. Following the Crescent Flame to the building he was able to take the pictures, and suddenly stumbled upon an arsonist. Soon the Crescent Flame makes his presence known asking for Harry to enlarge the photo so he can bring the arsonist to justice. What will harry do? This could be his big break will he help the Crescent Flame or sell the photos?

Crash Winters Palooka P.I. Chapter 8

Finding Susan was the easy part...keeping her safe  is the difficult part for Crash Winters. Finding a lead to more information on Susan Crash follows it and stumbles upon Susan's sister Penny who has a package for him, the answer to why Susan was murdered and the rest of his search.

Limbo's Assassin

Carl Henderson is dead, beaten and then filled with enough lead to make him even that more. By why wont he stay dead, these questions are answered an the life of Carl Henderson is told.

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Do you have to make a link? Please tell me how to!!!!!

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Secret Invasion: Inhumans 3


Medusa unable to stand back and fight on the moon wants to find her husband Black Bolt. Going deep into space to find her husband she must align herself with past acquaintances. Ones who have their own goals in mind with the joining of the two forces. Aboard the Skrull ship Black Bolt continues to be experimented on the Skrulls delving deeper an deeper into his psyche finding what makes him tick and what his weaknesses are. Soon the Inhumans find a weakness three of them to be exact and each of the members must go to three different parts of the galaxy some paired with another member an some on their own.

What will happen on each of these planets, what will the outcome of each piece to the Skurlls downfall be.? ANd what are the plans the Skrulls have for Black Bolt?

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Season 2 #3



The life of Mary Jane has taken a look for the...irritating. Everyone at the school now knows her duel identity of Limo Girl and hassle her about it every chance they get. The school day is like any other when random loud noises can be heard throughout the school and outside of it. Peter Parker and Liz Allen have a "study" date and soon the ever irritable Flash finds out and makes his point very clear to Peter...or attempts to make it clear.

As the day ends the rain falls down hard soaking everyone they know, at Mary Janes she admits that Peter is something special. While Peter in his Spider-man outfit comments that he is cold an wet and even grumbling that he is missing his favorite show, he is met by a beast of a creature with one thing on its mind Peters head.

The End League 5


In Berlin a new batch of children are brought forth to Wolfsangel in an attempts at showing him what they can do. An that they will be beneficial to his war and in winning the war. Soon the children are put to the test with their powers, and if they wont use them they are...discarded. Soon The End League come to Berlin and attack Wolfsangels troops killing all but one child and Wolfsangel escapes. Who is this child and how will he help our heroes?

In the city of Lore Black continues his revenge on the Smiling Man and finding the hammer. But soon he finds the difficult task of finding the Hammer and dealing with Smiling Man just got alot harder.

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The Transformers Spotlight: Sideswipe # 1

The Dead Universe is rising and the end of life is near. This new war is being fought on multiple fronts and the Autobots are facing forces beyond their comprehension.

On Earth, the bombastic Sideswipe is battling single-handed against the brutal Grindcore, on Corata-Vaz the Wreckers can't win against Thunderwing, but perhaps the most dramatic battle is being fought in Garrus-9 where Optimus Prime is facing Nemesis Prime, and the Autobot's lineage may find its end forever.
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B.P.R.D The Warning #4


Munich burns in fire as the robots rampage through the streets, Missiles do nothing to them now. As if the machines are adapting and its up to Abe an Johann to find a way to stop these robots. Soon underground the team find the contraption that was used to drain Liz of her energies realizing they need to destroy the main part of the machine they grab a bag of C4 and make their way down further into the deep tunnels, and soon they find a little more than they can chew as a horde of creatures slam down upon them.

Soon deep within the ground of Munich they find it the part their looking to destroy, But first they need to make it through the masses of creatures. Will they succeed in setting the charges and if they do will they even have time to get away in time to detonate it.

Dragon Prince #2



Aarons world is in total chaos, he has found out that he is the last of the Dragonkind and his father was one of the last. Now the world of the Magi seek for his skull on a pike. Soon after the events of last issue Aarons mother begins to tear the house apart packing in a feverish attempt to leave before the Magi arrive. She tells him that this is all serious that things could get very bad very quickly. And almost on cue they do, Aaron turns into his Dragonkind self as they come screaming in through the windows. Aaron an mother narrowly escape with their heads still on their necks.

At a hotel Aaron has a very vivid dream about a red dragon and a priest, his dream filled with blood. He will soon find out that his father may still be very much alive an trying to reach out to him. And that his teenager curiosity and want for tiny things (Soda pop) can turn a quiet evening into potentially his last.

Secret Six #2


The most anticipated fight is finally here Catman vs Batman. As the two people with the least amount alike begin talking soon Bruces attempt at taking Huntresses word is swiftly turned into a brawl. Short it may be both got their point across that neither are going to give up on what they believe in or think is right. Especially when one of those men has been looking for taking down the other for many years.

On Alcatraz

The Secret Six make it onto the island and into the actual prison without much of a hassle that is until MAMMOTH arrives. The former villian takes on the new side of evil, each of our villians make their worth to the team known. Taking on the massive beast of a man, how will this fight end?

Atop a building in Gotham

The long awaited fight comes to a conclusion with Batman telling Catman to stop the mission and leave. Cause every meta will be out for his an the teams head once the contract goes out. That the team will have no chance, and that he will not let anyone in his city to be harmed in the war that it will start

Somewhere in Gotham
In an abandoned Theatre the masked villian makes deal, telling that they can do anything they want to the Secret Six as long as they bring the card back to him. The crowd of villians old an new burst into a single smile as Lady Vic says "The man makes a nice pitch."

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If darkchild wins again, then I'm going to be forced to compete in the next one...

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The Helm #3


The worlds last hope for a savior is an overweight loser who goes by the name of Matt Blurdy. And his days just keep getting crazier an crazier. He has a date with his ex-girlfriend who has reentered his life and that very same night the Helm tells him he has more pressing matters. Finally succumbing to the Helms rantings (just wanted to shut it up) he goes looking for this great evil...only to find someone that has been a sore spot for Matt.

The next day as Matt an Jill are on their way to the video store a police officer tells that the manager was killed the night prior with a sword, Jill at first suspects nothing. But that night after night with Matt she uncovers his secret, the helm and a blood soaked sword. What she learns from Matt only makes her thinking him crazy that more evident, What will Matt do? Will he let her leave after telling her his story or will the Helm get him to do something horrible?

Two-Face Year One (Part 2 of 2)



What do you do when one part of you knows the right and the wrong, but the other half only wants to be wrong. When Harvey Dents psyche changed into Two-Face he had all of these choices between right and wrong but he chose the wrong one. And now as he runs for re-election he takes the matters into his own hands. Taking out the crime families and allowing the "freaks" to live and run free.

What is a friend to do when their most trusted friend has turned into a cold blooded killer? That is question Bruce/Batman has been trying to find an answer to for the past months. Now as Harvey takes his form of justice to levels that Batman cna no longer allow Batman needs to make the choice, hope that the better half of Two-Face resurfaces and makes the right decision or take him down himself.

Batman Confidential #22



Geoff has just returned from his honeymoon with his wife Holly only to be thrown back into the GCPD. His honeymoon cut short after the Jokers spree of killings. And soon Geoff and the rest of GCPD are in for a big surprise as the Batman brings the Joker right to their doorsteps cuffed.

Soon the GCPD and Geoff find out how truly twisted the mind of Joker works. He not only kills the men within his cell but alters Geoffs life forever. What has the Joker done to Geoff? And What Will Geoff do to him in return?

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Okay I numbered each entry and used my handy dandy random number generator to select one...at random.  The winning entry is

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Season 2 #3

Congrats to Darkchild.  Lot of entries this week.  Seems just only a few people entered.  The NEW Comics page looks great.  And (as you may have noticed) the points were increased.

Here's the loot:

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G~man said:
"Okay I numbered each entry and used my handy dandy random number generator to select one...at random.  The winning entry is

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Season 2 #3

Congrats to Darkchild.  Lot of entries this week.  Seems just only a few people entered.  The NEW Comics page looks great.  And (as you may have noticed) the points were increased.

Here's the loot:
Woohoo. LOTS of comics i havnt even read WOOHOO

Thank you Gman, i am beginning to see why people submit so much. This week i gained alot of new comics ill be ready an i feel almost silly for saying this but the Mary Jane one was funny and ill continue reading it.

(Also I saw the points change, BOOYAH)
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The only reason I've been reading Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is because Terry Moore's been writing this "season."

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G~man said:
"The only reason I've been reading Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is because Terry Moore's been writing this "season.""

Cant go wrong with Terry Moore.
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wow, Green Lantern Corps :o
congratz Darkchild!

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thanks bro

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gratz darkchild...