Jedi Master Tournament Series: Semifinals

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Hey there everyone,

The first round of the Jedi Master tournament has concluded, the following are the results:

Kit Fisto (9 Votes) def. Saesee Tiin (1 Vote)
Quinlan Vos (5 Votes) def. Depa Billaba (4 Votes)
Shaak Ti (5 Votes) def. An'ya Kuro (3 Votes)
Plo Koon (8 Votes) def. Ki-Adi Mundi (2 Votes)

Depa Billaba and An'ya Kuro have been eliminated from the tournament.

Here is the updated tournament bracket:

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Kit Fisto and Plo Koon are both safe for this round as Saesee Tiin takes on Quinlan Vos and Shaak Ti takes on Ki-Adi Mundi.

After this round, no one is safe and anyone can be eliminated.

May the best Jedi Master win.