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Long time reader of this site but just joined the forums to spread the word of this (you can find me regularly at the forums or CBR):

In celebration of the upcoming issue #100 of Invincible I decided to try and have some fun and maybe build some anticipation for this milestone issue by putting on a crossword puzzle contest. Hopefully this will be fun for everyone and I'm throwing in a few small prizes (with some assistance from Beatlover). Prizes will be won be drawing entries from a hat. First person drawn will have first choice of prize, 2nd will have 2nd choice, etc. The questions on the crossword puzzle mostly come from the main Invincible title but a few are from the expanded universe titles including Brit, Guarding the Globe, and Invincible Presents Atom Eve. So here is how this is going to work:

- Contest entry is free.

- The crossword can be accessed from Google docs at this link: [url][/url]

- One prize entry will be given for anyone that completes at least 20 questions correctly. An additional entry will be given for 21 to 30 correct answers, another for 31 to 40, another for 41 to 50, and another for 51 to 60.

- Speed will be rewarded with additional prize entries. An additional 3 entries in the hat will be given if your puzzle is received before January 1st. An additional 2 for entries received from January 2 through January 16 and 1 additional entry for puzzles received from January 17 through January 23.

- Contest ends and entries must be received by 11:59 pm Pacific January 31st.

- Proof of purchase of Invincible comics will be rewarded. An additional 3 entries will be given for anyone that includes a pic of you holding a recent Invincible collection. So issues 94 - 100 of the singles, Ultimate Collection volume 6 or 7, trade paperback 15, 16, or 17, or Library Edition volume 3. Pics can be attached in the email with the puzzle or tweeted to me @corypuga.

- Completed crossword puzzles should be emailed to me at Please include "Invincible crossword" in the subject line.

- I will do the drawing as soon after January 31st as I can and then notify the winners by email. I'll need a mailing address at that time to send the prize.

Here's the prizes that will be offered:

1. Invincible cast t-shirt size XXL:


2. Invincible Heroclix set:


3. Ryan Ottley sketchbook Violence & Pinwheels signed by Ryan:


4. Invincible “Viltrumite War” print signed by Ryan:


5. Guarding the Globe mini series set of issues:


6. Guarding the Globe mini series trade paperback:


7. Invincible print signed by Ryan:


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Giving this a bump. Contest still open through the end of January.

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Sweet! :D

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Weekly bump. Still plenty of time to get in on this.

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Weekly bump. Still a couple weeks left to get entries in to me.

Edited because I can't post more than twice in a row:

Drew the prize winners last night. They were:

1. pawel.deptuch

2. voglergerd

3. hennes

4. humblerthanyou

5. willgood

6. psycho_goatee

7. sicknimmons

I'll be getting in touch with everyone to choose prizes and get mailing addresses. Thanks to everyone who played and I hope everyone had fun. I'll leave the puzzle accessible on google docs for anyone that just wants to do it for fun. If you'd like to see the answer key it is on google docs at this link:


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I'm guessing this contest is WAY over.

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@sync1: This whole board is way over.

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im on probation so....

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