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Hey, guys.  I just got my copy of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (Special Edition) and one of the extras that came packaged with it was a code card for one month of unlimited access to Marvel's digital comic library.  The thing is, I'm not going to be able to make use of it and couldn't stand to let such a sweet deal go to waste when I know there are a lot of comic fans here who are behind on a few titles and would really appreciate such an offer.
How to enter: Simply post a comment in this thread.
I'm not going to make you guys jump through any hoops.  Just post a comment and on this Saturday at midnight (EST) I'll go to this random number generator site and draw a number which will match someone's post number in this thread.  The winner will receive the code via PM at that time.
Rules: There are only two...

  • Only one post per person (no exceptions).
  • No posting through multiple accounts.
Violators will be disqualified and escorted off the premises via Hadouken blast.
Good luck!
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@M.S. Feather: you can only say ONE thing? well then let it be your such a gem :) 
Very cool prize, I tried their library out for a while way back when, from what I've heard it's now massive.
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@M.S. Feather:
Hey , Why not . I'm sure I could get alot of the books I want in a months time. Thanks for letting me know!
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Who needs books when you have the internet.

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@tonis said:
" @M.S. Feather: you can only say ONE thing? well then let it be your such a gem :) Very cool prize, I tried their library out for a while way back when, from what I've heard it's now massive. "
Diddo ^_^
Can't word it better myself
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i would like it

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You're awesome!

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Heck yes!  

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LOL, this'd be great to share with my cousin, he's 8 and we share a mutual love of Marvel. Thanks for sharing the opportunity!

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Very nice of you. I WANT IT!

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Thank's for the heads up! Hope I win :)

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Let me be the first to say...not really worth it. 
The month free is nice...but the selection is not. 
It's really only good for if you need information from an older comic.  
Some of the time...most in my case...the issues you want are not there...or, you will get started on a good series only for it to not have most of the issues.
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im excited can u tell?
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@M.S. Feather:
I'll give it a try, sure!
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well i could say something funny here but thats not how your choosing so if i win thanks and if i loose then thanks again for the opertonity.
pain is weakness leaving the body.

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Postage. xD

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Post! cmon cmon cmoooon!

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There was going to be Stormy weather, M.S. Feather, took out a rifle, that shot out sun light trifle, it hit Storm in her pace, she fell on her face, and all the villagers cheered for the clouds and skies had cleared and thats when they decided, that rather than be derided, to frown at M.C.Escher, and his silly stairs, because who really cares when you crown M.S. Feather, now take M.C.Escher, and beat him with some leather, cause I do actually care about his stairs, cause I keep falling of one and landing on another awkwardly. I sprang my elbow. 0_0 
I know you said you weren't going to make us jump though hoops, but I figured hey, why not give the gift of silliness, and is this the first poem you have received detailing your superiority to M.C.Escher, after saving a village from Storm of the X-Men? lol 
Anyway a generous offer, thanks man, its just cool people are cool like this. Old people are always giving us slack about being selfish. Now I have irrefutable I can scream at old ladies on the bus when they try and steal MY spot. She could do with the exercise really...  
Thanks again, good luck everyone. 

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The contest is over!
...And the lucky number is seven.  Congratulations Decoy Elite, the code is yours. : )
I'd like to thank everyone who participated and I'll be sure to let you guys know if I decide to hold another contest in the future.  Ciao!
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DOH!!  We should all have the same time zone *_* 
-walks away grumbling-
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I am so keen.

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Dude, this thread was from like 8 months ago? Why the bump??