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Here are the results----
Congratulations to Payno--for making a fantastically "Creepy Crawly" character---with deceptively wonderful lighting/texturing and shading!   Excellent Job Payno and Congratulations on your prize--Enjoy!

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 First Place -Payno!
Also with respectively close results--In 2nd and 3rd (a tie)
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are Decept-O and TransistorRadio  (Congratulations to you both and enjoy your prizes!!)
Thanks to everyone who entered--Fantastic work all around!
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Congrats guys! :D

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congrats guys, some quality horror to enjoy outta this :)

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Great contest. Thanks for the votes everyone.
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Ah, I missed the end of this Contest... but those are truly worthy winners!

Congratulations to payno for a creepy & looming Tall/Slender Man! And Decept-O & TransistorRadio... you two are going to give me nightmares!!

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very good work guys