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Last week we took a look at 'Spider-Man: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero.' Even you think you know everything there is to know about Spider-Man, this is a great book with a lot of information about Spidey, his supporting cast, villains, events and much much more.

Similar to our last Spider-Man contest, we're giving away FOUR copies of this book.

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The bad news is, because we operate out of the United States, this contest is open only to those in the United States.

How can you win?

Check out Spider-Man's FRIENDS PAGES. With a focus more on his non-superpowered friends, tell us what character you'd like to see more of. This could be a spotlight in a story arc or even a mini-series. Sure there are some close to Spider-Man that do have special abilities but avoid the more prominent heroes that are featured in other titles. You are expected to write at least a paragraph. Don't just give a name and a one sentence response. Four winners will be chosen.

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The contest begins right now and ends Sunday, February 3, 2013 at midnight PT. The winners will be announced and contacted afterwards, most likely on February 5.

Good luck. Here's a few more pics to check out:

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Count me in!

I would love to see a retro series where Spider-Man teams up with Arthur Stacy, Gwen Stacy's uncle. The series could develop the Stacy family background and showcase the mental prowess of a private investigator. Spider-Man could be called upon to assist Stacy with information that would confirm his sleuthing. Of course there would be cameo appearances by some of Spidey's more notorious villains. It would be a hoot!

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I never win these things, but I will not give up! :P

I know its weird and a little...out there, I suppose. But Peter has a couple of cousins who for some reason I'd like to see play a more prominent role in at least an arc or two. Be nice for Peter to have some family in the business, or at least around...so he isn't just talking to Aunt May all the time, and even then May is hardly around anymore and doesn't even know he's Spider-Man. I think their names were Amanda and...something, Ashley? Started with an A. I dunno, just be nice for him to have family he can speak to so he isn't just talking to MJ all the time about his Spidey problems. Also, if Ben Reilly ever makes a come back, they'd be handy to have around to help with a cover story, no? ;)

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I'd like to see more of Uncle Ben. We see him in the origin stories and maybe a flash back or two, but we never really see him after that. I know he's dead, but when has that ever stopped a comic character? Yes we've seen him come back as a robot before, but I'd like to see the real genuine thing, living and breathing. I believe he may have shown up in Amazing Spider-Man recently, which was good, but that could be one of those things where it was all in Peter's head. What if the origin story was different and Aunt May died? Or what if no one died and something different drove Peter to become Spider-Man, leaving Uncle Ben to be around for a lot longer? We could see him teaching Peter so much more through out his career as Spider-Man, instead of leaving him with the famous one line of advice. I think that if Uncle Ben was still around, things would be better for Peter.

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I personally would love to see more Mary Jane. I love her character, and wish we got to see her more when Peter was actually alive. I always thought she brought out the best in Peter. She is the one person that fully understands Peter. It is actually disappointing to see her in Superior Spider-man so out of character and not even noticing the one she loves is completely different. She still has not quesitoned it. But I am sure when Peter comes back one day they will have a chance to have their happily ever after than that would also allow the readers to see more of her.

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I'd like to see more of Gwen Stacy.. One of my favorite parts in superheroes relationships is that they have to juggle their time as a superhero, a job, and a girlfriend. So it gets complicated for the hero and his girlfriend to spend time together. And the first time they reveal who they are to their girlfriends, and seeing how they react is my favorite part. So i'd like to see that moment between Peter and Gwen. I'm planning on getting The Death of Gwen Stacy by Stan Lee, because I heard some discussion on CV's podcasts about that arc and it sounded great. From the discussion it sounded like they had an innocent relationship. I don't know if shes alive in the current Spider-Man titles, but I'd definitely would like to see more of her.

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Honestly, growing up as a kid, I used to love watching the Spider-Man animated series in the 90's (besides the fact that Pete had to get his mack on with a girl in just about every episode, but I digress). And one of the characters that I really enjoyed seeing but wish they would have done more with, was Robbie Robertson. True he had a major story arc with Tombstone, but you don't really get to see that much of Robbie any more. What made Robbie a great character is that he stood up for what was right, even to J. Jonah Jameson, and I think that was why they were friends, was because no one talked to J.J. that way. Also he had a checkered past, he wasn't always the bright pillar of the community that he grew up to be and delving a bit more into that past, even if it was something that he did with Lonnie (Tombstone) would be interesting to see. Further more I always felt that Robbie was a guy that Pete could look up to, someone Pete could turn to for advice outside of the super hero world. Robbie was kind of a mentor to Pete while he was at the Bugle and I would like to see whats going on with him now.

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#7 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2728 posts) - - Show Bio

Two characters I'd like to see more of are Harry Osborne and Grady Scraps from Horizon Labs. I remember reading that after Brand New Day they would bring Harry back because Peter's group of friends had become Aunt May and MJ. And while Harry was back for a while, and while Peter's group of sort of friends has expanded his main group of friends is still sort of just MJ and Aunt May. So I'd like to see Peter become closer friends with Grady from work, and Grady's girlfriend Bella Fishbach, outside of work. Maybe hang out and stuff, more than a work friend. And I'd like Harry Osborne to return. The brief scenes of him in recent Spider-Man comics where he starts telling his son about his old friend Peter Parker made me want him to return. While MJ is one of Peter's oldest friends and possible love of his life, Harry is also one of his best friends too. It would be nice for Peter to get back a bigger support group for him. Of coarse for Harry to return there would have to be some major story arc right? Because Harry is in hiding. So to explain why he is back and can be back there needs to be a story to explain it.

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After reviewing some of the characters on Comicvine here, just from what I've read I'd like to see more of Chat. The fact that in another universe her and spiderman were dating already implies she'd be competition for Peter. Also I would really like it if they brought in the story from that time about how she knows he's spiderman already even though he hasn't told her. I understand your saying more non-powered friends but I think it might be fun if they kept her mutant power to be able to talk to animals. Imagine a dog telling her Spiderman is in trouble haha.

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If Marvel were to produce a four issue limited series starring Norah Winters, I would buy every issue, especially if it written by Joe Kelly and drawn by either Chris Bachalo or Phil Jimenez. I've liked Norah since her first appearance. She's smart, funny and ambitious, three qualities that I think would make her a good protagonist in a story of her own.

Her ambition would both drive the story and get her into trouble. In order to make a name for herself as an investigative journalist, she takes on the tough assignments that put her into dangerous spots. Unlike Lois Lane though, I'd like to see Norah escape these spots on her own and not need to rely on Spider-Man to save her. An ongoing series of mini-series or a back-up feature in Superior Spider-Man would be ideal. Norah could explore the dark underbelly of street level and super-villain crime in New York City. Think of Gotham Central, but with journalists instead of police officers. Maybe she could become rivals with Betty Brant, as they both try to out-scoop each other.

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The character I would like to see more of in current and future issues of Spider-Man is Lieutenant William Lamont. First appearing in J. Michael Straczynski’s Amazing Spider-Man #482 (or #41 if you want to go with the renumbering at the time), he was shown throughout his appearances to be both a friend of Spidey while also having his reservations about him. In Amazing Spider-Man #500, Lamont is shown to be there at Spider-Man’s “end,” having tracked him down after the Webhead was charged with manslaughter, and seemingly fled. Even then he is being shown as a friend, trying to talk Spidey into surrendering. Manslaughter…not the typical thing a superhero would do, is it? Spidey’s not exactly himself these days, though, having recently been mind-swapped with Doctor Octopus. Manslaughter IS something that Octo-Spidey would do, so I think it would be a great time to connect the stories of past and present, and Lamont would be a great character to bring back into the game. He is a character that has pretty much vanished into obscurity after only a handful of appearances and being presented as an important character pretty much since day one. He is a friend who believes in Spider-Man, but also has strong ties with the N.Y.P.D. that would make that friendship with the superhero shaky. In this new age of the Web Slinger, he would be the perfect addition to the comic book’s cast.

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I'd like to see more of Carly in the series because she was Peter's girlfriend. She should have more of a spot light than MJ in my opinion. MJ is ALWAYS THERE NO MATTER WHAT AND ITS KIND OF OLD. Can't MJ just move on? Please. Plus, Carly is a detective so it would be awesome to see her give Spidey some info on some crooks. Kind of like how Gordon gives Batman info on some crooks making trouble. And it would be the right time because in Superior Spidey #2, he is getting a spider signal like Batman has a signal. WHich I think is pretty awesome. ANd when all bad guys are put away, Peter can come home to Carly. It would just be awesome.

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It would be a four issue mini series called Black Fox and The Big Dirty. Black fox would want to do the big dirty, he would want to steal all of the change in town so that he could retire from crime. Spiderman, would kind of fill the Mr. Lahey role and screw everything up for the Black Fox by drinking too much and blowing his cover. The hulk could be randy and eat cheeseburgers. Red hulk would be greasy phil collins. Wolverine could be ricky and wear track pants. and Cyclops could be Bubbles. Then afterwords, everything would go back to normal.

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#13 Posted by insanepayne7 (18 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see a story that focuses on Peter's parents. I don't think there has been a major story of what happened to them or what consisted of their lives. It would be nice to know what they thought about superheroes in their time and what influence they had on Peter while they were still alive. Their lives and story has to be pretty significant the the story of Spider-man since their lives and deaths were important to the making of Spider-man. I know there is little chance of a story like this happening, but it would still be interesting. They could quickly recap their early lives and work their way up to their meaningful relationships with Peter, May, Ben and any other characters while leading to the point of their death. It would also be nice for Peter to know what their lives were like, after he gets back in his body of course. I want more substance to them instead of Peter randomly seeing their ghosts and them being hardly mentioned.

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When approaching the Spider-Man mythology and its impact on both the printed page and the silver screen, there is only one little known supporting character I feel deserves a second chance for fame and glory, and that is Easy Reader. Portrayed with impeccable skill and dramatic flair in such masterpieces of '70's intellectual programming as "The Electric Company" and "Spidey Super Stories," Morgan Freeman boldly filled the brightly colored pimp suit of Easy Reader with heroic aplomb. Perhaps most notable for his work as a tough-as-nails beat cop with nothing to lose, Easy Reader helped Spider-man apprehend such twisted and nefarious criminals as The Sack and The Yeti, while easily reading Spidey's word balloon calls and commands:



Last seen in Earth X's Land of the Dead (mourning the loss of his beloved printed word), Easy Reader could easily be read back to our current 616 (or NOW!) timeline with some magic reading by another of Spidey's old pals, Doctor Strange. Easy Reader will fit wonderfully in a modern context: now that the formerly Amazing Spider-man is Superior, Spidey's pal Easy can get a technological upgrade from Peterpus and hit the mean streets once more as E-Reader! Morgan Freeman may once more play tech support for a grumpy, dark hero, and neither Marvel nor The Electric Company will ever be the same!

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I am going with someone who is connected by cloning and happens to be the daughter of a certain burglar who was the catalyst for the event that makes Peter Parker the one, true Spider-man: Jessica Carradine. Who better than the daughter of the man who killed Ben Parker? Why not the woman who got hot and heavy with Spider-clone Ben Reilley? Spider-Ock seems to want to be a bit of a lothario, so why not introduce him to a woman who his getting together with is wrong on so many different levels? It could also segue into a reintroduction of a Parker look-a-like fans have been clamoring for (I think she was dating Ben Reilly... In a sorta way... when she last appeared). Angry MJ... clone cooties... Canoodling with a relative of Uncle Ben's killer! What a mess to bring Peter back to when the time is right.

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Felicia, i would love to see her reaction to the new spider man. I think she sly enough to figure it out and put him on blast. Would make for a WTF! GREAT MOMENT

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I would like to see more Jay Leno teaming up with Spider-Man, they really should have developed the, hahahaha! 
But seriously Cardiac, an interesting character with some neat powers who seems to be a fan favorite for a lot of people. It'd be nice to learn a lot more about him, given IIRC he wasn't completely expanded upon. Plus it'd be nice to see some more of the "forgotten" Spider-Man characters.

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#18 Posted by luther22 (38 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see a story about Peter Parker's parents during WWII. That way we could see favorites like: Cap, Fury, Wolverine; and others except this time from a doctors perspective. I do realize that in the modern story they didn't fight in WWII, but it would still be cool.

Also if they were to give a cool back story to Aunt May and Uncle Ben Parker. That might be worth reading if they were gov. agents, maybe spies. They could encounter Osborn, a young Mr. Fantastic, or even Doc Oct.

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either more of JJJ or some of aunt may's early years. Aunt May: YEAR ONE!!!!! DO IT! 

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I think a mini series or some small format book on either Carlie Cooper or Yuri Watanabe would be neat. Kind of a detective kind of thing maybe, with some assistence from the maybe not so friendly neighborehood Superior Spider-man. Who knows how that could go. It'd be kind of like if there were a Jim Gordon DC Comic. It'd be neat to see them just doing their cop jobs. I think a non-super friend needs to step up to the plate.

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I never have won a contest before, but I ma definitely going to try my best, as I am a huge Spider-Man fa, this book looks awesome, and I think it will be fun! :) Into my choice...... I think my choice(s) may be a little cliche and too suggested at times, but it has always bothered me in the way that this character(s) left and since comics are always pulling the impossible, they could do it in some way. I feel that the return of Betty Brant and possibly Gwen Stacy would be really cool. Betty Brant would be awesome as a character to bring back, not as the whole "Betty with an attitude" thing, but her normal, Daily Bugle thing. Not only would it be a big mix-up for Peter, but also Flash Thompson, the Venom writers could revisit her and create a whole slew of plot-lines centered around their relationship be it good or bad.

Now, I know many people will disagree with me on the "Return of Gwen Stacy" but I am not saying that they have to necessarily full on bring her back to life. I think that her death was one of the biggest if not the biggest pivot point in Peter's career not only as a character, but also as Spider-Man himself. Now that Doctor Octopus has taken "control" of Peters body, I think her being brought back, whether that be from the actual dead, or from a spiritual stand point, will create one of the best arcs we would see from Superior Spider-Man all year. It would definitely catch my eye and quite a few others.

I've always loved these characters. From reading the older ones that my dad would give me as a kid to now, constantly plotting new ideas and ways for them to be brought back in arguably one of the best arcs that we have seen in a while. I hope some of what I said got through to a writer. This would be great to see in the future if a good writer had the ability to adapt on it. I hope I win, but if I don't that's ok, I'm just glad I could share my opinions since I don't get to do that too much. :)

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No responses to my comment? No one here watches trailor park boys?

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Maybe it's because I'm a fan of blondes and nerdy girls, but I think it would be really cool (although I'm positive some would think it very stupid) to nominate Bella Fishbach as one of Spidey's sidekicks. Maybe while we still have Ock-Spidey around he could hit on her and convince her to play the role that Barbara Gordon played as Oracle to Batman. To my knowledge he's never really had that type of thing where he always has intel whenever he needs it. And, as we all know it will eventually happen, when the real Peter returns, I don't think he would be willing to let such a valuable asset go. A huge plot point in the Spider-Man books is Peter protecting the ones he loves and keeping them from dying but I think with someone in the background, not on the front lines, he would be okay with. Probably silly, but hey, stranger things have happened.

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#24 Posted by Ninjablade09 (3255 posts) - - Show Bio

Just bought this book, its great recommend it for those who don't win.

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#25 Posted by Tmul501 (601 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know if this is kosher, but I'm going with a character from ultimate spider-man. I really want to see more of Kong. I don't think we've seen him since he ran away with Kitty and we didn't get much more than a passing mention of him (much like other Ultimate characters...WHO IS THAT DUDE CARRYING AWAY DOCTOR STRANGE IN ULTIMATUM?!...I digress). Kong was a fun character and really started to become a welcome addition to cast of Ultimate Spider-Man. Ideally, I;d like to see Kong and kitty stay together in a "what if: Ultimate Peter Parker didn't die" mini-series, but I'm sure Bendis could also work him in to the current narrative for Miles as well. Anyway, my vote it for Kong.

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#26 Posted by Zghost (107 posts) - - Show Bio

If i had to choose newer spiderman friends I would say a miniseries about the mis adventures that happen at horizon labs focusing on grady and max. I am sure theres lots of weird stuff that happens there even without peter. If I had to choose older I would love to see another issue to go more indepth about peters parents being double agents and see their world and what they did. I know about the comic a long time ago when parker searched for anwsers, but I would like story of their life not just how they died.

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#27 Posted by NameLessTheGreat (21 posts) - - Show Bio

I've always liked Robbie Robertson from the old 90's cartoon but never really seen him in any of the comics I've seen. He really seemed like one of the few just pure good people out there. He always spoke up for what he believed and didn't really care what the cost would be for it. I always thought it'd be cool if he one day became mayor of new york and it gave spider-man some much needed peace time. I think I'm gonna go to his page now and see what ever happened to him. Thanks for making me think of him.

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#28 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmmm, will definitely have to give this some thought...

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#29 Posted by spiderfreak55 (28 posts) - - Show Bio

Just from the list I would like to see Benjy Parker. I think it would be cool to see him come from his universe not as a baby but as a teen with spider powers to help out. Just a thought. Also anything with more Black Cat would be great!

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#30 Posted by 2comicnerds (13 posts) - - Show Bio

One person that I would like to see more of with Spider-Man is the Prowler. Technically, he does not have any powers and he has certainly fallen from the spotlight. I know a version of him has appeared in the new "Ultimate Spiderman" series, but I am referring to the universe 616 version. I always loved the few times they featured the Prowler because he was a constant struggle between good and evil. I sympathized for him very much because the emotional connection was so tightly bonded through his struggles. He wasn't a "bad" guy, but he did bad things for the right reasons, which is why i love his character. Plus lets be honest here, he looks really freaking cool! He was one of the few grey area characters that I always secretly hoped they brought back towards the end of the "Amazing Spider-man" series. I would really love to see more of Hobie Brown aka the Prowler.

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Who won this contest? Did I miss the announcement? Just curious.

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I apologize for the delay. I've been swamped this week as I've been doing the normal stuff plus plan for the trip to New York for Toy Fair. I'll announce and contact winners as soon as I can!!

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A thousand apologies for the delay. It's been crazy with the changes in the site, going on trips and just keeping up with everything. These will be mailed out as soon as get mailing info.

Who won?





Congrats! There were lots of great ideas here. If only we could all make these comics happen.

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Awesome! Thank you, ! :D