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I just realized there's a contest forum here, so I'm reposting this from the general discussion forum:

Hi everyone,

I normally don't venture onto comics forums because they're fun and tend to suck up all my time, but in this case, I'm stuck. I am writing a comic book series, which I will draw as well, and although the writing is going excellently, I have yet to name the team and/or the series. I could use some real help here.

First, a couple things about the project. It is an odd mixture of action/sci-fi/fantasy. Sounds strange, right? It takes place on Earth, in a contemporary setting. The team is a sort of "Blackwater" (remember them from Iraq?) who has a contract with the government to deal with extraordinary terrorist threats. In other words, they are a very tech-heavy mercenary team, made of the best and brightest in their respective fields. Each member was hired because of the specific skills they possessed, not because of Affirmative Action or because anyone owed a favor to anyone else. They clash with the government quite a bit because they don't want to turn over the tech they develop, while the government thinks it would benefit the "greater good" to do so (basically, the government wants their cool weapons).

There is a terrorist who is the complete opposite of the team, wreaking havoc on an enormous scale across the world. He's the "fantasy" aspect of the story. He's - stay with me here! - an elderly Nazi-created Swiss genius goat-man who can teleport. Yes, read that again. What you're picturing in your head is probably correct. He has:

- created an army of homeless men and women who act as his enforcement unit;

- created a new drug called Silence to keep the people from uprising;

- and has taken over the cartels to produce and distribute the drug;

- and has no problem decapitating anyone who gets in his way.

So here we are. The good team needs a name, the comic book needs a name, and they can either be the same or be different.

I was thinking about holding an informal contest to see who can create the best name or names. I plan on publishing this book electronically and in hardcopy when I get it complete. Let's say the top five (if there are that many) will get e-versions sent via email when I get them done, and the top contributor will get a signed printed copy, assuming I ever make it that far, and will have their name mentioned in print as the person who named the team and/or book.

Any questions? Let me know.


R. Ellis Novak

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Literally the first thing that popped into my mind.

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The RiverSong crew

The Eureka Moment

The Survivors

The Infinite ones

The Other Ones

Zombies, Nazis, and the federal government

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The Final Mercenaries

Techhoarders (my worst)

P.S: Autolancers is because lances were the most feared weapon in medieval times due to their long reach and effective use on horseback plus deadly speed and damage. If that was automated then imagine the carnage!

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You should really do the naming yourself.

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The Superiour Foes of Spider-Man

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War and Silence

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The recruitment

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The one who finds

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OJ didn't do it

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Legion of S.S.

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Fighting The Goats

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team name/project t.t.(project terrorist threats);book title:Greater Good// H.T.M.T.(heavy tec mercenary team)//book title;Deal

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@rellisnovak: The S.F.O.L.R

(The superior fighters of last resort)

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Crystlenacht or some funny spelling of it hehe