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Is there any love for Youngblood? I read the first few issues but will admit I haven't read the last few.  Joe Casey's a good writer.  Here's the preview.  In stores this Wednesday 2/4.

32 PAGES, FC, $2.99

The Televillain has delivered the highest ratings of his career! The new Youngblood chases the almighty dollar! But the real heroes are finally ready to take it all back! Also this issue: a mind-blowing, senses-shattering secret is finally revealed – and the consequences are staggering.

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And don't forget, President Obama will be making an appearance in issue #8.

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I hear Casey and Donovan are off after issue #8. Small miracle if a Youngblood series sees an issue #12.

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i didnt even know there was a new series

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Got Damn... Obama is in every Comic these days

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Ugh.  I hate you Rob Liefield.  Let me count the ways...

For blatantly ripping off the Titans.
For having absolutely no idea what a human female looks like.
For having absolutely no idea what a human female acts like.
For not knowing what color water is.
For the inability to draw feat.
For the inablity to remember how many hands somebody is supposed to have.
For blatantly stealing artwork.
For crappy dialouge.
For Cable's look in the 90s.
For everybody's pouches.
For lines all over everybody's faces.
For backgrounds that are just color and scratches.

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How much longer until Image and Marvel will STOP leeching off Obama?

And an Airplane reference, ha ha ha.