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The Stand: Captain Trips #2
The Stand: Captain Trips #2
Am I the only one that digs this?

After its critically acclaimed debut this month,  one of the years most anticipated new series, from World Fantasy Award-winning writer Stephen King, continues in The Stand: Captain Trips #2 (of 5)!  Acclaimed writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four, Angel: Revelations) gives the apocalyptical novel new life with beautiful interiors from the Eisner-nominated artist, Mike Perkins (Captain America, House of M: Avengers).  As the unseen killing super-flu, Captain Trips, spreads disease and death across the country, the US government has taken a keen interest in Stuart Redman, who seems to be the only person immune to the Captain Trips infection.  With or without Stu's cooperation, they are determined to find out why!  Then, in Maine, something terrible falls upon Frannie Goldsmith and her father! In New York City, out of 8 million people, pop-star Larry Underwood may be the only one still alive!  And Nick Andros runs into more trouble than he can handle when he makes a wrong turn in Shoyo, Arkansas!  Plus, a mind blowing regular cover and a sketch variant cover from acclaimed artist Lee Bermejo and the second of five connecting variant covers from Perkins – this is a must for any King fan!

Why does Stu keep having nightmares about a dark man standing in a cornfield with red eyes?  Don’t miss the next exciting chapter in the horror epic, commonly deemed Stephen King’s best work, in The Stand: Captain Trips #2 (of 5)!

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Certainly not the only one who digs it G-Man.

I love the book, i loved part #1 (of 5) and i'm damn sure i'll love part #2

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I'm a big fan of this series so far.