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Doomsday Clock: The Greatest Team-Up?!

You know what, when it comes to comics, DC is on top. It really is no contest – Rebirth is doing such a great job. I like my Marvel legacy. I love Marvel and everything they are doing with their cinematic universe, but damn… DAMN, if DC isn’t killing it with the comic books. Batman Metal (which I will start to cover), The White Knight (Goddamn I love Joker’s character in this universe. This is the best Joker ever. Sorry Mark Hamill.), and Doomsday Clock are superb examples of great storytelling.

The smartest minds, Lex and Ozymandias, teaming up. Coupled with the most deductive minds, Batman and Rorschach, teaming up – what more could we ask for?

The long-awaited meeting between Batman and Rorschach has finally happened, and I am going to be completely honest… it… was… EPIC.

“You ate my breakfast.” – Batman

“Yeah. I did.” – Rorschach

Just three sentences and I am fanboying out over here. Rorschach is proving to be quite the detective and genius that Bruce is and I am so stoked on seeing how these guys will hit it off.

This is going to be a fantastic series, and each issue is just getting better – granted that only two has been released, but they are just that good.

Read my few review here => http://www.sithgamer.com/doomsday-clock-issue-2-welcome-gotham/ and please comment.

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Thank you. I am not so stoked about Selina Kyle's engagement to Bruce Wayne. When Superman and Wonder Woman became a couple, I groaned because it took the attention off of her solo book and she became Superman's girlfriend; I don't want this fate to befall Catwoman. SO! Your take on Metal gives me optimism that DC is committed to excellent storytelling still, and not Real World-esque hook-ups. Again, gratitude.