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Cover: Greg Land (50%), Jenny Frison (50%)

Writer: Genevieve Valentine

Art: Ariel Medel

After the Twilight of the Gods, the world is precariously uncertain - and Xena and Gabrielle have been missing from it for twenty-five years. Even without Livia, the power of Rome is growing: Caesar is determined to conquer by lies what he can't conquer by force, and the people at its edges know what's coming. (All roads lead to Rome, and Rome is hunting.) Xena and Gabrielle scramble to stop him before they have to wage war against a man they once called a friend. But along the way, Xena will have to confront her past against a rogue band of women warriors, and Gabrielle, whose secret visions are becoming prophecy, will have to protect Xena - at any cost.Genre: Fantasy, Media Tie-In

Publication Date: April 2016

Format: Comic Book

Page Count: 32 pages

ON SALE DATE: April 13

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Looking forward to it. Art could be better, but could be worse too. And yet again Frison is killing it on covers.

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Why is Hercules always ignored?

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I miss this show, will this stay true to the story or be like another universe? I wish WW could join her in battle.

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@farkam said:

Why is Hercules always ignored?

Well, Xena is a spin-off to Hercules...But I'm sure he'll pop up eventually.

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Is Gabrielle going to be less annoying? LOL!

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@farkam said:

Why is Hercules always ignored?

Xena was actually more popular than the show it spun off from!

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There should be a Xena revival show rather than the upcoming reboot.

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I forgot how much I missed this show.

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Awww I miss the Show ;0(.....Xena is like a clone of Wonder Woman.....hell she might as well be called Wonder Woman.

Anyhow Welcome Back Xena! I miss you and the Show a lot.

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I must admit that this is kinda intriguing. Was never big on Xena before but this looks really nice. Wouldn't have even though that Greg Land has worked on that cover if I wouldn't have read it. Looks Jenny Frison made his art a lot more bearable.

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I cant wait. Looks great already!

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I hope it ignores the whole Eli BS which ruined the show.

Gotta have Ares.

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Loved Xena back in the day. Interested in this. Gabrielle doesn't look much like Renee O'Connor in this preview though. ;(

I hope to see real Callisto and not the angel version.

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There should be a Xena revival show rather than the upcoming reboot.

Reboot in the making?

I heard the same for Buffy, yet seen nothing for that. I own seasons 1-3 of Xena, still need the other 3 but it is very fun show. Though too much humor now and days, but that is what made it fun.

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that is cute!