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(W) Jason Aaron (A) Jorge Molina (CA) Mike Deodato

• The Star Destroyer Harbinger, a massive weapon of Imperial war.

• Also the target of the rebels' new top-secret plan.

• Join Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa for "The Last Flight of the Harbinger"!

Rated T

In Shops: Aug 24, 2016SRP: $3.99

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First art in this series that I didn't enjoy.

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Why do imperial commanders always say the same sort of thing before they loose?

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These are some regular ass Star Wars comics. RIP Dark Horse era.

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@sprior93: They are better than the DH comics imo

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This looks great.

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Haha Dengar cover! I have him in the Galaxy of Heroes mobile game.

I've been surprised with the quality of the Marvel Star Wars titles. My favorite of anything they've been putting out lately, even though ive missed a lot of issues.

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Def seen worse art in the new SW comics.

[cough, Larroca, cough]