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We're about a month away from the next chapter in one of Valiant's most entertaining and intriguing sagas, Divinity. August 16 marks the a jumping-on point for the series with Divinity #0, written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Renato Guedes.

Valiant gave Comic Vine an exclusive preview at the upcoming issue, and let's be honest, the art for the book is nutso good. Guedes painted pages look breathtaking. The solicit for the August issue, as well as the preview are below.

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Divinity #0

(W) Matt Kindt (A) Renato Guedes (CA) Juan Jose Ryp

AN EPIC JUMPING-ON POINT LEADING DIVINITY THROUGH THE WHOLE OF THE VALIANT UNIVERSE! New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR, Mind MGMT) and explosive artist Renato Guedes (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Wolverine) present an awe-inspiring introduction to the largest independent superhero universe in comics - as told through the eyes of Valiant's most powerful cosmic force! DIVINITY, a lost Russian cosmonaut newly returned to Earth with god-like powers, has successfully restored the world to order after the reality-altering event known as the Stalinverse. But how can a man - even one with near-divine abilities - know for certain that the planet has been truly restored in full? To make sure, Divinity must bear witness to the world as it now stands - heroes, villains, gods, and all - to ensure the rightful order of the Valiant Universe! From BLOODSHOT to FAITH to NINJAK and dozens of surprise guest stars, traverse the world of Valiant's most enduring icons as DIVINITY guides a standalone entry point into the most acclaimed publishing line in comics today!

In Shops: Aug 16, 2017

SRP: $3.99

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Divinity #0 hits comic shops on August 16.

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Never read anything related to Valiant and don't know anything about the Valiant universe. But I think I'm gonna have to take a look at this when its out.

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Gotta have that Clayton Henry wraparound cover

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Propaganda. Propaganda never changes.

P.S. Along with awful use of Slavic names.

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looks like complete garbage

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Art seems a little try hard honestly.....

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Not everyday u see something cooler than the "Awesome Art Picks" article

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Seems really nice.

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Looks pretty amazing!

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It's great to see Myshka.

And loving Vincent Van Goat! :)