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@sp4rt4n said:

Black Bolt was the only Inhuman worth a shit, Marvel just can't find a clever enough way to tell a monthly series about just him since he can't talk. Inner monologues be damned!

I disagree. The Inhumans in general were beyond epic when they were part of the Marvel cosmic pantheon. Their highpoint (at least IMO) was during the War of Kings/Thanos Imperative saga where they were tangling with the Kree, Skrull, and Shi'ar. Now that was a fun read.

These Inhumans are just second-rate mutants, with like 1,000,000 new characters that popped out of nowhere (with no backstory and no purpose or rhyme or reason whatsoever).

The Mutants at least fought for something and stood for something from the get-go. These Inhumans are tantamount to genocidal villains being treated like heroes. In fact they're not actually heroes... they literally just exist as a basis for a future TV show.

Oh I agree they were great in War of Kings from what I saw, but in general Black Bolt is the only one who mattered. A Medusa series wouldn't sell. Crystal works best as a supporting character. And from what I've seen a decent Karnak solo is possible, but the one we got never shipped on time. Triton could be cool enough on his own, but I have a soft spot for characters like Namor and Aquaman. I dig the Uncanny Inhumans title but more for the fact Johnny Storm and Beast are also there.

All these new Inhumans are a bit like everything the X-Men have introduced the last decade or so, I don't see how 5 dozen new mutants across 6 titles is any worse than the dozen or so we got since Inhumans have been getting a push. Yeah, Inhumans are everywhere now because of this cloud, but none of them have the importance of Bolt. Tron style suits don't make them any more enjoyable, and Black Bolt's new suit is way too movie inspired and I hate the glyph now rather than the tuning fork.

Get Black Bolt in a series as a silent badass and mixing it up with what's left of the F4, maybe the Guardians of the Galaxy, and give us something we haven't seen or seen executed horribly already and it would sell. Then again I've always wanted a Human Torch solo too...

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The Inhumans are horribly boring and always have been. What is worse is that with all the Inhumans appearances lately they really haven't done exposition or introduced any great characters.

Crystal is boring. With the right writer and her skillset they could make her a major character, but if anything they have written her badly.

I've read the Inhumans since Amazing Adventures when they were a fill in and they are really second rate compared to the X-Men. Even the Eternals are more exciting.

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Inferno was a pretty cool character when he was introduced, but it seems like he's been sidelined.

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So the Inhumans are trying to stop mutants from destroying the cloud because....? Do they even really need more active Inhumans? Mutants are always born mutants but Inhumans need to come in contact with something to be real Inhumans. Why do people care that the cloud gets stopped? No one is even asking to be turned into an Inhuman. Someone with a normal life could just have their entire life flipped around by the cloud that no one bothered to stop. The terrigen cloud is like a bio weapon that can create hundreds of powered people that can easily become villains and it kills mutants, which just recently nearly went extinct. How is the entire Marvel superhero community not on high alert about that?

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@raunjisto: Because Marvel hates mutants for some reason now. The only good Inhuman is Black Bolt, the rest are shit and have shit powers anyway.

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1) the art is horrible, just blah

2) this ending makes no sense. EVERY comic before this mentioning Scott once again talks about how he went crazy and tried to destroy the inhumans and hes a villain and the worst person ever etc etc...yet not only was he doing the right thing for his people in this scenerio (the inhumans are jerks) but certain xmen sided with him. Now hes basically he who shall remain nameless.

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Wow..this is a simply unbelievable the powers that be at Marvel actually think they are making enjoyable X-men comics now...

The Inhumans surpassing The X-men, would be as crazy as making the Shi'ar Imperal Guard surpass the Avengers, just because they made a terrible deal and lost the rights to their own creations..

Hmm.. No Logan, No Steve Rodgers, No Thor, Hulk, Iron Man...But we have 13 different versions of Spider-Man, a Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and a farm full of talking animals

Make Mine Marvel..?! Not anymore..

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So far I do not understand this to call the Cyclops and the X-Mens of villains and extremists, the Inhumans spread an alien toxic gas that is killing and sterilizing thousands of mutants, and the Cyclops X-mens are the villains for trying to prevent the Mass murder of millions if not of billions and yet are the wrong side ???

What the fuck? Does MARVEL have a sense of its own history?

In the past it has been shown that the Terrigenous mists were lethal to Humans, transformed them but soon killed them, had the effect of maximizing the mutants' "x" gene could make them sick in excess, but did not kill them. Inhumans are aliens 👽 created by the Khee to be weapons, will the Earth's governments not stop to think about it ?! Mutants are also Humans, but Inhumans are not. How long until they resolve to turn against the other native species of the earth and destroy it completely? Cyclops is right soon Humans will also be victims.

I can only say that this story is very poorly written, very forced. It only served to prove that only the X-men could save the earth, but now it's doomed!

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This series can go die.

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So, wait, why was magik attacking sunfire in extraordinary X-men, she was also on cyclops team, and did more than sunfire who just flew around