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(W) Nathan Edmondson (A/CA) Phil Noto


• In the pursuit of XAOC, Black Widow finds THE PUNISHER!

• And they are trapped on an abandoned oil tanker rigged to explode with CROSSBONES and his SKULL SQUAD!

• Don't miss the other side of this action-packed crossover event in THE PUNISHER #9!

Item Code: JUN140659In Shops: 8/6/2014SRP: $3.99

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This book is great.

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Pretty sure they bolded the lettering for this issue. I'm not straining to read quite like I was. Let me just double-check ... my single issues, digital copies, and trade paperback for this book. :)

Nope, I was wrong, it's exactly the same. Will pick up the "other side" of this story in the Punisher book, cool.

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@wheatstalker: You must really love this book to buy 3 editions of it.

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The greatness continues.

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The greatness continues.


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I know it's only like 4 or 5 panels of dialogue but that doesn't sound like the Crossbones I know and loath.