NOT DAREDEVIL Issue #1 Golden Age Satire Reboot

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After 75 years the comic nobody asked for, and you didn't know that you wanted is finally here! It is without further ado that I am proud to present to the world the sensational new comic series


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NOT DAREDEVIL is a weird superhero parody / satire thing set in the world Golden Age of Comics using characters from the Lev Gleason Universe. I think it is interesting and I hope you will to. Enjoy these classic golden age tales retold through a metatextual modern perspective as we analyse the culture and context of the era.


A message from -The Editor-

I wanted to make really awesome comics but I couldn't draw. I knew that there

was heaps of Golden Age comics whos artwork was now in the public domain and

that by 'redubbing' them I could create something new. This is NOT DAREDEVIL.

He's the poster boy of the o.g Lev Gleason Universe but thanks to our rivals

at Timely Comics we are unable to use the star heroes original name. So the

hero formerly known as Daredevil was reborn: as NOT DAREDEVIL

Join Australia's number one super hero and his Golden Age pals for a satirical

sideways look at the themes presented in the original work and a analysis of

the culture and context of the time.

Also... its supposed to be funny.