My Hulk MCU story Arc after Endgame

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Ok, I don’t know what MCU has planned for Hulk after Endgame. I’ll just keep reading Immortal Hulk and other hulk comics till he appears again. But if I were in charge of Hulk’s arc in MCU after Endgame, this is how it would go (this is going to be a long answer, so strap in):

P.S. I am not a great fight choreographer or writer so do read with that in mind. Some of the pictures have been edited by me so do lookout for those.

She-hulk TV Series:

So months after Endgame, Smart Hulk (I’m going to call him Bruce for now) gets back with Betty since he can live out his life in peace and Betty obviously leaves her husband Samson. They start living together but obviously don't share a bed. They sleep on separate beds but together in the same room. So Betty starts noticing that Bruce is always missing whenever she wakes up at night but doesn't take it seriously. Weeks later she notices it’s still happening and so asks Bruce about. He denied waking up the night and doing anything and brushes it off. Ok so now Betty is suspicious and decides she wants to investigate with help from Jen Walters (Who is She-hulk by now and been training with Bruce). So one night, both Jen and Betty follow Hulk and notice he ends up in Las Vegas (If you are Hulk or even Marvel fan, you will probably know where this is headed)! He enters a casino and they ask a woman they meet in the casino:

Betty: Hi, do you know Hulk? A big green muscular man around 8–9feet tall.

Marlo Chandler: I don’t know about any big green hulk. Just my Big Grey Joe.

Jen: Joe?

They enter a room filled with women and one big person in between all of them.

No Caption Provided

Joe: Hello ladies. How can I help you? (I know Joe doesn't speak like this, but just bear with me)

Jen: Bruce? Is that you?

Joe: Do I look like puny Banner? I’m Joe! Joe Fixit.

Betty: What happened to Bruce?

Joe: Nighttime is Joe Fixit time. Banner can have the day. I’ve been cooped up in that head for too long. Time for me to have some fun. Ladies say Hi!

Jen: What are you doing here?! What’s with all the ladies?

Joe: They are here to give me company if you know what I mean.

Jen: Ugh!!

So after this, Jen and Betty return back completely mind blown.

The next morning, Betty finds Bruce in bed. When he wakes up, she asks him if he remembers anything from last night. He says “no, I was sleeping right?” She tells him the truth. Now bruce realizes there is a third personality living in this mind. He’s confused. When did this new personality manifest? Was it after the snap? Did all that gamma exposure cause this? He has no idea.

One day Bruce has a nightmare and wakes up. Hulk is confused. He doesn’t know where he is or what happened in the last few weeks… He sees Betty and knows he's safe. He decided to sit on the outside porch. Betty wakes up in the middle of the night (which she usually does every night since that day) and notices bruce is missing but sees him on the outside porch. She joins him and asks him “what's wrong bruce?”

No Caption Provided

Hulk: No Banner, Only Hulk.

Betty: It's OK (I had to xD). It’s just me, Betty.

Hulk: Betty… Hulk just looking at stars… Stars pretty tonight.

Betty: Yeah they are. So hulk, I thought Bruce was in control now? What happened

Hulk: Hulk not know… Hulk out now. Banner sleeping.

Betty: Bruce told me about you and how much you don’t like him. Why? Could you explain?

Hulk: Hulk always always angry because of Banner. He let mom die. He tried to kill hulk with a gun. Hulk never forgive Banner for those. Banner not remember Dad killing mom but Hulk remembers. Hulk remember everything. (I know this is not accurate but just added for extra emotional weight)

Betty: It’s ok now. You both saved the universe together. You both did well. You should forgive Bruce.

Hulk: Hulk not know if Hulk can do that. Hulk will try. If Banner let anything happen to Betty, Hulk will hate Banner forever.

Betty: Heyy I don't need to worry. I know you’ll always be there to protect me right. Like how you protected me before. (Incredible Hulk)

Hulk: Yes. Hulk strongest there is. Hulk keep Betty safe. (Remember this for later)

The next morning, as usual, Bruce remembers nothing. Its Bettys little secret.

End of Hulk’s arc in She-hulk.

Avengers/A-Force/Hulk Movie:

Someone the size of hulk appears wearing a time-heist suit (terminator style) from the future.

No Caption Provided

It’s the Maestro.

Yes, I know what you are thinking… He’s a villain. Why would anyone help him or believe his lies? It’s because he was once…

No Caption Provided

Yes, he was once the guy who snapped and saved half the universe. Why on earth would you not trust this guy?! I mean everyone trusted Mysterio and he was a dirty crook.

He tries to find the nearest Avengers HQ to alert them of a huge threat that caused his world to get destroyed. He finds the Avengers and let them know what happened in his future. About how the world destroyed itself with nuclear warfare and how all superheroes were killed and only he managed to survive. He knows what has to be done to save the world once again. (ok he doesn't say once again but that's what they are thinking). He starts working on various devices and plans with help from whoever he wants.

Suddenly one day, Abomination has escaped prison and is on the loose working with some other bad guys. Maestro helps them take down the baddies with usual smashing and thunderclaps. Maestro asked the Avengers “Wheres Bruce?” They say “he’s retired and living peacefully with his wife Betty”. Maestro goes and meets his younger self.

Betty opens door

Maestro: Hi Betty. Long-time no see.

Betty: What's going on? Who are you? Why do you look like Bruce?

Maestro: Betty let me explain, I’m Bruce from the future. I have come to save the world. (Yeah he literally said that)

Bruce joins them

Maestro: Doctor Banner I presume. ;)

Bruce: Betty, who’s this?

Betty: Bruce, it’s you! From the future. He says the world got destroyed in his timeline and he has come to prevent that from happening and he needs your help.

Bruce: Ohh ok. I’ll help you. What's with the hideous beard anyway?

So they both start working together. But Bruce notices something is off. He talks to Maestro about it.

Bruce: Why are building Gamma bombs? It makes no sense!

Maestro: You know, I got fed up with my timeline. Doom has taken over the world after the incursions and there is nothing I can do about it. So I just decided to go to the past and trying taking over from there. (I know the villain reveal scene can be done better but I can’t think of anything)

Bruce: What? Why would you do that? What are you saying?

Maestro: Bruce, think about it. Nobody here actually cares about us here. You snapped and saved half the universe and no one gives you credit. For some reason, Ironman gets all the credit. That's the thing, Bruce. We owe humans nothing! They spit in our face. We’ll always just be monsters to them. Join me and Rule at my side. Let's take over this godforsaken planet.

Bruce: But I have friends, allies, loved ones. I have…

Maestro: You don't know what lies ahead of you. I do. Listen to me, Bruce… They're going to take it all away. You’re going to end up with nothing and no one. Why go back to that… When we can have it all…

Bruce: Maybe what happened to you won't happen to me. Maybe things will turn out differently.

Maestro: Persecution, betrayal, hatred. These things DON’T change.

Bruce: I'm sorry. I can’t let you do this. I can’t abandon my friends and family. Especially Betty.

No Caption Provided

Maestro: Then I have no choice but to do this…

Maestro snaps Bruce's neck. It doesn't kill him but he gets knocked out.

Maestro has managed to created multiple gamma bombs over multiple locations with a central control. Only he can cancel the detonation. The avengers realize that something is wrong but can’t find Maestro. They try desperately to deactivate each bomb.

Meanwhile, Bruce wakes up. He’s been chained up in some warehouse. There's a screen in front of him. The screen lights up.

Maestro: Hello Bruce, I hope you are feeling better.

Bruce: When I find you Bruce, I’ll…

Maestro: Stop calling me Bruce. I’m not puny Banner! I’m the MAESTRO!

Bruce: I don't care what you are! Let me go!

Maestro: But first let me tell you something, Bruce. You might love Betty now. But later she will get more annoying. Always doing what SHE wants and always prattling about her FEELINGS. She will be nothing but a nuisance for you and I think it’s time to take her out of the picture.

Bruce: Don't you dare touch her!! Please…! Just let her go…

Betty: It's ok, Bruce. I’ll never leave you.

Maestro picks up Betty and strangles her right in front of Bruce on screen. (like how Thanos strangled Loki in Infinity War) and I know there are better ways to let Bruce know Maestro killed Betty but this is what I thought of.

No Caption Provided

Maestro: I knew you were weak but didn’t expect you to beg…

Bruce: Maestro… My whole life I had nothing, no one. But when I was finally with Betty, I received some semblance of hope… An opportunity to live un-alone. And you, TOOK THAT FROM ME. STOLE THAT FROM ME! KILLED THAT FROM ME!! People keep asking if the beast is gone and I haven't really had an answer. But now yeah, I’m thinking he’s back! (Loved this scene in John Wick)

No Caption Provided

Bruce changes to the Hulk, fully enraged. His arm is fully healed by now and he breaks free and goes on a rampage.

Maestro: Let the mindless beast loose on the Avengers…

Meanwhile, Maestro with the help of Amadeus Cho (kidnapped) builds the final gamma bomb that will start the cascading effect. He gets interrupted by:

Captain Marvel: Bruce, what are you doing. We found out about the gamma bombs. Why would you do this…?

No Caption Provided

Yes, I edited the picture above to fit in the dialogue like some above. xD

Maestro blasts Captain Marvel with the gun and drains her of her powers. He throws the gun away and grabs CM by the neck.

Maestro: Just because you got your power from an infinity stone, you think you can stop any man in your way? Puny humans… I have a contingency plan for all your Avengers/superhero friends. I have fought all you guys multiple times over several decades!

And at the very last moment:

No Caption Provided

She-hulk comes flying through and takes Maestro out of the building. CM is left behind in the building, trying to recover.

Now starts an absolute brawl between She-hulk and Maestro. Fists are flying! Words are exchanged! After some time,

Maestro: Come on Jen, You can’t hope to beat me. I had been benefiting from all the radiation that lay about like waste material. Radiation that killed MILLIONS… And I just soaked it up. All that power, you just can’t hope to win.

Jen: You talk too much…

In the background, something can be heard… or someone…

No Caption Provided

Hulk has found the Maestro and starts a vicious assault. But the hulk slowly starts getting overpowered and gets beat down pretty badly.

No Caption Provided

Maestro: Aah the Hulk. The strongest there is. You get stronger the angrier you get. That is all great against a mere mortal. But you are facing another hulk. The strongest hulk! I also get stronger the angrier I get, which nullified your little party trick, boy! There is no one on this earth that can beat me.

Maestro picks up the Hulk and grabs him.

No Caption Provided

Yes, I edited the picture above again to fit in the dialogue. xD

Hulk has a flashback to

No Caption Provided

Hulk: If Banner let anything happen to Betty, Hulk will hate Banner forever.

Betty: Heyy, I don't need to worry. I know you’ll always be there to protect me right. Like how you protected me before. (Incredible Hulk)

Hulk: Yes. Hulk STRONGEST ONE there is. Hulk keep Betty safe.

Hulk’s eyes open! Glowing green! He grabs Maestro's hands and pushes him back.

No Caption Provided

Now all the personalities have a meeting in hulks mind

No Caption Provided

Bruce: You are right. It’s all my fault. It’s up to you now to stop him. You NEED TO KILL HIM!

Joe: I agree with puny banner. Get angry big green. KILL Maestro.

Bruce: Yes hulk, get very angry. Angrier than you ever been before. Release all your rage!!

And we get

No Caption Provided

Maestro: What is happening? Why? Is it because of all the gamma from the Snap? I wouldn’t know since I didn’t do the snap in my timeline… (Yeah, I had to mention this)

No Caption Provided

Jen: Ohh Bruce…

Suddenly a huge truck crashes onto Hulk (like nebula’s ship crashing onto Thanos on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War). Hulk catches it and he’s pissed. Hulk goes on the attack and Maestro is ready!

No Caption Provided

The fight that ensues is literally earth-shattering. While they have been fighting, the remaining avengers have been evacuating the area. Maestro starts realizing that he probably can’t win this by brute force He decides to distract hulk, and destroys a part of a building that still has people in it, causing it to collapse.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Hulk sees them and decides to go for a well-directed thunderclap!

No Caption Provided

Maestro: Those People… Who do you even bother?!!

No Caption Provided

Hulk: Because I’m not a monster like you!!

Hulk starts beating the living crap out of the Maestro!

Maestro is completely helpless. But the Hulk won't stop. He won't stop till Maestro is dead.

In the meantime, someone finds Captain Marvel. She asks them to use the gun to give her back her powers. Together they were able to do so and CM goes straight for Maestro!

Captain Marvel finds Hulk beating up Maestro.

Captain Marvel: Hulk stop. We need him to deactivate the bombs. There is no other way.

Hulk doesn’t bother.

Captain Marvel: Hulk! Stop smashing!! We’ll take care of Maestro now!

Hulk: I don’t care. Hulk KILL Maestro.

Captain Marvel: I can’t let you do that. Don’t make me hurt you.

No Caption Provided

Hulk: Then shut up and fight, puny human!!

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

So a brutal fistfight ensues like the one below.

No Caption Provided

She realizes there's no point playing to Hulk’s strengths and instead decides to go for ranged attacks. So she does so and blasts him with the biggest photon blast she can. (Almost like a Goku Kamehameha).

No Caption Provided

Hulk is starting to get worn out by the blast. He feels weak… Has another flashback…

No Caption Provided

Hulk starts getting stronger, gathers strength and leaps straight for Captain Marvel!

No Caption Provided

Hulk grabs Captain Marvel and starts attacking her midair. He then throws her back down.

Just when Captain Marvel manages to get control of her fall, Hulk comes crashing onto her.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Hulk notices that Captain Marvel is knocked out and moves onto Maestro. Maestro is trying to drag himself out. But Hulk holds him in a chokehold like he was in earlier.

Maestro: Hulk listen… You can’t do this. IF you this, you will just prove to them that you ARE a monster.

Hulk: Shut up!!

Maestro: You know what they called me in my timeline? Called us..? The WorldBreaker… I… We… Broke the world!

Hulk: Stop Lying!!

Maestro: Don't believe me? Look around you. Look at the destruction we have caused…

No Caption Provided

Hulk starts coming back to his senses. He starts calming down. Eyes are no longer green. Maestro notices this and tries to get loose. Hulk immediately tightens his grips and… SNAPS HIS NECK! (His 2nd Snap, get it? :P)

No Caption Provided

Hulk stands next to Maestro’s unconscious body… Just contemplating what just happened. If all that rage was worth it…

Then suddenly Captain Marvel crashes into hulk just like earlier. Just when she's about to punch him

Captain Marvel: This stops now!!

No Caption Provided

Hulk: Hulk… Hulk miss Betty… Hulk miss mom… WE miss them…

Captain Marvel: Ahh… I’m sorry about what happened to Betty. I truly am. But we need to stop fighting and work together on this. Please help me Hulk.

Hulk: Ok. Hulk help shiny lady.

Captain Marvel: Is Maestro dead?

Hulk: No.*

All the avengers/heroes and Hulk take Maestro to HQ and ask him to help them deactivate the bomb. Bruce is back in the Smart Hulk form.

Maestro: I’ll help only on one condition. You guys send me back to my time.

Bruce: No chance!! You will pay for your crimes for the rest of your life, just like any common criminal.

Maestro: Ok Bruce, then go ahead and defuse all the bombs. But bear in mind, they do have timers. Good luck.

Captain Marvel: I’m sorry Bruce, but we have no choice.

Bruce: You people do whatever you want. I’m leaving.

Maestro helps defuse the bombs and as promised, they have arranged a time machine for him. Bruce is in charge of it.

No Caption Provided

Maestro: So Bruce, how does it feel to fail yet again. Don’t worry. I’ll come back and visit. Hahaha!!

Bruce: You come back and we’ll take you down again… Anyway, Good luck… In the PAST!

Maestro: Wait, WHAT?!

Days later, Bruce comes to a decision. He decides to leave Earth. Everyone else resists.

Captain Marvel: Come on. It doesn’t have to be like this. You will not end up like him. And you know everything he said were lies.

Bruce: We can’t know that for sure. I’m sorry Cap. But I can’t take that chance. We can’t.

Captain Marvel: Where would you go.

Bruce changing to Hulk: Home…

Post credit scene 1:

Maestro finds himself in some forest. He walks around and finds some small dinosaurs.

Maestro: Where am I? Savage Land? Or… Wait, isn’t this an African T-Rex. Isn’t this one of the last dinosaurs to go extinct… That means… (don’t ask me how he knows that. The plot requires him to know that. :P)

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Post credit scene 2:

Hulk’s plane lands on a planet. He is greeted by an army.

Caiera the Oldstrong: State your name and purpose, beast.

No Caption Provided

Hulk: HULK… Here to SMASH…

End of Avengers/A-Force/Hulk Movie

Basically, this is what I would plan for Hulk. I can come up with more stories after this but for that, I need to know which big bads they’ll be using in future phases.

Ok, let me mention some things:

  • Yes, I used Captain Marvel as the Worf Effect. Well that's one of the responsibilities of being “THE most powerful character in the MCU according to Kevin Feige”
  • This is the first time I’m trying something like this.
  • I’m very open to all criticisms, suggestions, and feedback.
  • If you like it, do share it. It would be appreciated.
  • I will probably keep updating it and uploading it elsewhere too.
  • There are enough open spots in the plot for the MCU to include their own world-building too.

*I was planning to add Hulk saying “No, Maestro not dead. Hulk can’t die. Hulk IMMORTAL”. But in comics, Maestro dies so it wouldn’t make sense. So decided against it.

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