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@ReVamp said:
@iLLituracy said:
Dear Johnny Storm, You aren't a mutant. Get off of my X-Men  Hate you, iLLy
LOL. But is it really that much of a problem? Should people that aren't mutants not be on mutant-based teams? I honestly like Johnny on the new X Men.
Sure. If they're grounded in the X-Men Universe, I have no problem with it. For example; Fantomex, Dr. Nemesis, etc. 
But Johnny Storm? No.
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@iLLituracy said:
@ReVamp said:
@iLLituracy said:
Dear Johnny Storm, You aren't a mutant. Get off of my X-Men  Hate you, iLLy
LOL. But is it really that much of a problem? Should people that aren't mutants not be on mutant-based teams? I honestly like Johnny on the new X Men.
Sure. If they're grounded in the X-Men Universe, I have no problem with it. For example; Fantomex, Dr. Nemesis, etc.  But Johnny Storm? No.
True, I don't think the Fantastic Four are going to get back together. So I think that Johnny joining the X Men is not a bad idea.
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"These X-Men will be on the road to discover the true history of the X-gene."
I thought it'd been established that Wolverine was the first genetically enhanced mutant (in the Ultimate U) and it had been created by the Weapon X program. Maybe I'm just jaded by how awful the end of the original Ultimate X-Men run was, but this just seems like a muddled mess to me.....and I haven't picked up any titles in a few months: What happened to Ultimate X....is that series still running and if so, will these 2 Ultimate X-Men series' be running simultaneously, both with this new Jimmy Hudson Wolverine?
I think if they had simply kept Peter alive and then shifted Iceman & Firestar along with Kitty to make a Super Friends-like series, it woulda made more sense.....maybe that's just me. I don't get why Torch is there and while I'm intrigued with Kitty's new expansion of power (kinda like that cute guy from the Mutant X TV show) I'm not buying the Shroud identity for her.

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wait..so Human Torch is a mutant now?

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I see whiskers, and I like it!

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@The Stegman said:
wait..so Human Torch is a mutant now?
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Fire and ice attacks combined?
Yep, I'm excited.

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Huh, interesting.

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Ummm... what happened to the characters of Ultimate X, mainly Jean?

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I like this a lot. I've been keeping up with the Ultimate Universe the whole way, the good, the bad, and the WHA?!?! lol As it turns out mutants in the Ultimate Universe are individuals whom were created by the government. In this sense anyone with genetically created abilities can be considered a mutant in the Ultimate Universe. I love Kitty's evolution into her Shroud identity, Johny losing the Fantastic 4 but becoming an X-Man, and with Jimmy we get a young inexperienced and reckless Wolverine kind of like a spider-man/wolverine hybred type of character, he has to learn the ropes.


Its kind of funny if you think of the comparisons between the Mainstream Universe and the Ultimate Universe. The first mainstream X-Men started out with Gold and Black Uniforms, the first Ultimate X-Men started out with Gold and Black Uniforms. The Second mainstream X-Men brought their own personalized uniforms and thats kind of what I'm seeing with this new Ultimate X-Men.


Awesome stuff, hopefully we'll get the rest of Ultimate X crew to get involved too, Marvel says it should happen so I'm inclined to be a "True Believer" ;)

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Logan's kid has metal claws too... don't ask why. 
The question is why Ultimate X isn't just tossed in with the 3 Amazing Friends to make a solid X-Men team.  Sure outside of Emo Jean, the rest were generic nobodies, or the Hulk for some stupid reason, but whatev. 
Actually, quite frankly, all of Ultimate X, plus these 3, would give us a team capable of rescuing the X-men who have been captured by the government, while giving us some cannonfodder (most of Ultimate X) to get killed by Quicksilver.

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I am underwhelmed by the art.  Why would Iceman be wearing a headband, and why does Kitty Pryde dress up with a robe now ?

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I wonder if Jimmy's body coats his entire skeleton with his biological metal secretion?

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While I am liking this a lot, what is going to happen to Ultimate X? I hope they dont have a million Ulimate X-titles, that is annoyin; This is probably just to fill an Ultimate-U mutant fix because Ultimate X never comes out.
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the only costume that impresses me is Jimmy's.....it's a nice homage to the traditional Wolverine look. 
however in Ultimate Fallout it was agreed upon by Kitty and Bobby that they would go into hiding and not use their abilities at all.....least of all in public. So I'm curious how we get from that statement to this cover though the Ultimate Fallout series isn't done yet so maybe there is more to go. 
and while it's cool that Johnny is going to be on a team again and actually doing something I still think Liz should be on the team rather than him, especially considering she's with Jean (Karen) and the others. that's not saying Johnny can't be on the team, just that he shouldn't be on the cover. 
but my guess is he's on the cover because these four represent the four elements just like the Fantastic Four did. Johnny represents fire, Bobby is water/ice, Kitty is wind, and Jimmy is earth (metal claws and healing factor). 
glad Jimmy's story is going to continue because we got to learn so little of ultimate Logan's past that Jimmy makes for the perfect opportunity to figure out everything. really interested to see who is mom is considering the changes that were made to Logan from his 616 counterpart. my thinking is that the organic metal covering his claws is derived from his mother's mutation (since Logan's DNA wouldn't carry over anything to do with adamantium) and it will be interesting to see if it expands to the rest of his skeleton like Logan. 
honestly I don't care that much about the other three members. Johnny is even more annoying than his 616 version and Bobby is a horrible character right now and has never done anything. Kitty has had alot of development lately but I don't like her new attitude and look.
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" The regular cover will be drawn by Kaare Andrews and be polybagged for some reason."  
possibly the funniest thing i have read. 

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The new Wolverine is cool but human torch um idk if he should be an x-man

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Meh.  I have been reading Xmen for many, many years.  Old School, new shcool, Ulitmate, Uncanny, Extreme, Astonishing, etc,. but does this even look like an X-Men team?  I havent been following Fallout (or really any Ultimate books right now - except the Ultimate X, as the Art Adams Art was just so cool), so i guess I dont see why the X-Men needs to be some spinoff of a Spiderman story.  I like Kitty Pryde, but this doesnt look like her. I get so tired of seeing Wolverine EVERYWHERE that I almost just ignore/skip his presence on any team so really we have Spider-Man's "Amazing Friends" and Kitty Pryde.  Hmmm.  seems a little thin. I love the Ultimate concept - I thought Millar's Ultimates (the first two series) and the FF were amazing books- I just think this one is a poor version.  With so many great characthers to use, we get Iceman? 

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looks good. i wish they would  stop making iceman wear du rags and caps though 

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#70 Edited by Aiden Cross (15726 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it, no complaints from me.

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#71 Posted by Handski253 (14 posts) - - Show Bio

i'm so pissed I have to wait an extra week to read this when it comes out, but it looks to be well worth the wait

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@The Dark Huntress said:
Hmmmmm. May have to catch up on my Ult stuff.
Don't do it, it's a trick.
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All you have to read is Fallout. Caught up. But only reason I even am thinking of picking up the Ultimate books is two words: Hickman and Spencer. They seem to be the new Ultimate architects. I love Spencer's Morning Glories and Hickman's FF. Thinking they could do an excellent job.

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It's the introduction of "Ultimate Daken" into the Ultimate Line!!

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excited to get my hands on this, kind of lost interest in the ultimate universe with the whole cancellation of he ultimate x-men. kept up with ultimate x of course but this looks like a good jumping on point

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i like it but no liz allen she should be in  it instead of johnny but loving kitty

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I'm definitely picking this up. I loved Kitty, Johnny and Bobby in Ultimate Spider-Man, and I'm looking forward to seeing the continuation of their stories. If I'm honest, I haven't really been following Ultimate X-Men at all, and this is my first knowledge of the new team. I'm really loving the ultimate universe, even if they did kill off Peter.

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I find it interesting since they swore that oath in direct contradiction to what's happening here.

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Wait, Human Torch isn't a mutie?!

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Bobby and Johnny have been living with Aunt May? Kitty has an awesome costume? This looks good! I didn't like the old "Ultimate X-Men", but I'll definitely check this one out!

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Sounds interesting. I've steered clear of the Ultimate universe ever since Ultimatum, but with new writers involved and a new start this might be worth a look.

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#83 Posted by -Vigil- (385 posts) - - Show Bio
@Superskrull86 said:
 Wait, Human Torch isn't a mutie?!
True, but that shouldn't stop him from helping his friends!
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This will be could to.. I hope Liz Allan shows up

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@telepathic666 said:
i wanna know what happened to the Ororo and Peter after Scott as "shot".
In the last Ultimate Fallout 
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@frochez said:
@coslopis: Kitty can now switch her powers so they work backwards, giving her complete control over her own density; in addition to becoming intangible, she can also become sort of super solid. Basically, if Kitty punches someone nowadays, it HURTS.
Hey,wait a minute...that was that guys power on 'Heros'!!!!
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What has Kitty Pryde been doing with her powers??

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it prolly is his son but they could just wimp out and make it wolverine since he supposedly can heal from just about anything (see nitro blowing him up) and from his forearm down was still in magnetos chest at the end of ultimatum (although the ship blew up after)
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@Osiris1428@Osiris1428 said:
@telepathic666 said:
i wanna know what happened to the Ororo and Peter after Scott as "shot".
In the last Ultimate Fallout 
well i don't like that at all
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@Burnstar1230 said:
I wonder what happens to the likes of "Karen Grant", Derek, Liz, and Hulk. I've seen the covers to the new Ultimate X-Men and they don't appear in them.
@pixelized said:

Ummm... what happened to the characters of Ultimate X, mainly Jean?

Right now they are under Nick Fury's protection and operate as his covert team when trouble arises.  Spencer has said they will appear in UXM.
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sorry, i'm very tired of the ultimate universe now, please just end it.

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Good old days :^)