Killer Loop'S #1 (LFA Publisher)

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Killer Loop'S, the story born from the lively mind of Stefano Labbia ("Gli Orari del Cuore" - Leonida Editrice; "I Giardini Incantati" - Talos Edizioni; "Vivo!!!" - Tempra Edizioni; "Bingo Bongo & altre storie" - Il Faggio Edizioni, "Piccole Vite Infelici" - Elison Publishing / Maurizio Vetri Editore, "Super Santa for Peace" - Aster Academy Edizioni), a young italian author, screenwriter and producer, it's not on the market yet and has already received rave reviews. A lot of press worldwide dedicated attention on the Kimberly's epic story, the protagonist of the saga, alter ego of Stuart Whitman: irreverent salary killer with a dark past, He got his revenge against Pauraz, an international crime syndicate that killed his younger sister Kimberly, thus transforming him from a good man into a killer. Kimberly, after years from this nefarious event, finds himself trample again the mysterious and cruel syndicate that this time puts a bounty on his head.. A crude and primitive world, paint with a tri-color way - black, white and grayscale - that reflects very well a story that is heart-pounding. It was framed in the noir - gangster genre. It was given the pulp brand... The truth is Killer Loop'S is all of this and much more: action, crime and women. Yep, the "half of heaven" is not missing, in Kimberly's life, which is present, a little Diabolik style (comics created by Giussani sisters), with the presence of a different woman for every chapter. Never be victims, the women born from the pen of Stefano Labbia, are true, real, suffering but also tigers ready to fight not to perish against the men who would like to have won on them. Women ready to fight for themselves and for those they love. Women ready to act / react. What is the strength of Killer Loop'S? Surely the fact that it is a comics that goes beyond the graphic representation because the story, in itself, already presents winning elements: a gourmet quotations (we bet that readers will compete to guess every single clue, every single quote almost present) in each page of the adventure shaken, mixed and thrown violently on the plate of good Labbia?), effective characters and the unpredictability of the actions that distort the story at each vignette, often changing direction and raising the shot at each shot. A lil bit of Lupin The Third (Monkey Punch), a little The Mask, a little Ryo from City Hunter. But also a little Bugs Bunny, a little Jigen and a little Deadpool (Marvel). Anti-hero par excellence, Kimberly (aka Stuart Whitman) has an incredible potential and Killer Loop'S, thanks also to the aesthetic result, lends itself very well to an animated series dedicated to the over 18s, as well as a feature-film, all dialogues and action... The first volume of the saga will be published by LFA Publisher in the LFA Comics series in 2019. We just have to wait ...