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Incredible Hercules #121
Incredible Hercules #121

Out on 9/17

Yet another Marvel preview for ya.

Who's reading Incredible Herc?  He's never been one of my favorite characters.  He's growing on me a little.  I like Amadeus.  I'm not sure how long I'll be into this series though.  We'll see where it's going after this.

"LOVE AND WAR," Part 1

The Greek Goliath is looking for some R&R after the events of "Sacred Invasion," and hopes to find it in the arms of ex-Renegade NAMORA. But there's no rest for warriors when the AMAZONS declare war on Atlantis! And these ain't your mama's Amazons-- is that why Amadeus Cho sides with them instead of Herc? Plus: ARES returns!

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I love this book. Next to Thor, it's the best one Marvel is printing.

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hell yea man herc is my favorite hero

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How long is this series going to run for? I thought they were only going to do it for a short time.