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There's two things you can count on Jughead to have, his crown and something to eat. In next week's DOUBLE DOUBLE DIGEST, there's going to be a little twist to that. An opportunity comes up that he won't want to pass up. The question is will he be able to succeed in his task?

Check out our exclusive preview, courtesy of Archie Comics.

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It's double the Jughead, and double the laughs! When Jughead’s Uncle Clabberhead gives him a palace guard hat as a gift, Reggie challenges him to walk—er,stand—in a guard’s shoes. In order to win a free lunch, Jughead has to remain still for an entire free period. That shouldn’t be too hard—until Archie leaves an important task in Jughead’s hands that could decide whether or not Veronica goes to the dance with him! Will the real challenge be for Jughead, or the distraught Archie? Find out in “All I Can Stand,” the first of many hilarious stories in this Double Double Digest with TWICE the laughs!

Script: Craig Boldman

Art: Rex Lindsey

Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, and Tito Peña

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 9/11

320-page, full color comic

$5.99 US.

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Darn it, Jughead, you're not helping me want to eat sensibly when I see you gulping down massive sundaes and eating four patty super-burgers!

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Do people read this crap.

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@bucco3 said:

Do people read this crap.

They are actually quite good......