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(W) James TynionIV (A) Jeremy Rock (CA) Riley Rossmo

As First Lady Amelia Greene's visions grow worse, her husband comes to terms with the horrifying truth. The Conspiracy of The Eighth Seal surrounds him, and those behind it have their own plans for America's future.

Item Code: JAN160514In Shops: 3/16/2016SRP: $3.99

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What a stunning cover by RR!

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First time seeing this book what's this about?

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Huh. I completely forgot about this comic after it stopped updating on Thrillbent. It was really good.

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That cover alone sold me.

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I think i will try this out.

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Cover is stunning. If only the dialogue and art on the inside were as good. I must pass on this.

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I will have to check this out.