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Last month Boom! Studios debuted a new miniseries by Clive Barker. We talked about it on the podcast the week it came out. It's a pretty trippy book with some heavy themes. Then again, what else would you expect from the mind of Clive Barker?

Boom! Studios gave us an exclusive look at next week's issue. I encourage you to seek out the first issue and check this out as well. Warning, there's some foul language present.

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Writer: Clive Barker, Mark Miller

Artist: Haemi Jang

Cover Artist: Goni Montes

The first original comic series created and written by Clive Barker is here!

Julian Edmond has returned to his luxurious life with Wick, the indescribable individual who claims to be God on Earth. Julian believes...and in order to make sure Wick's will is done, is ready to make sacrifices...

Meanwhile, Julian's son, Tristan, learns of a secret that will set him and his father on a collision course...

Master of Horror Clive Barker, co-writer Mark Miller, and international sensation Haemi Jang unveil the second chapter of the year long epic event!


Price: $3.99


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Dig the art. Cover and interiors look cool.

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Looks interesting, but am i the only one that the pictures of the preview seems to be in a poor resolution? i couldn´t apreciate the art properly...

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Not bad! I'd be willing to try an issue to see how I feel about it.

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Clive Barker and Mark Millar? What a team up

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@jonny_anonymous: It's Mark Miller not Millar from kick ass, not sure if you meant that sorry if you knew the distinction :-)

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It go's against some religions, I mean in a very strong way. at least from what read in the preview..

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Looks great, but probably not something I'll be picking up. While I liked the preview, I couldn't get over the feeling that it was engineered, in some capacity, to intentionally offend, and in some cases that okay, but I prefer a little subtlety rather than simply being bludgeoned with intentional offense.

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Looks really text heavy, which can work, but can also make reading a comic monotonous . Hopefully it works here.

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never heard of the writer or the series..... interesting premise i guess