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Did you know Vertigo had a long running series dedicated to Lucifer? The version of the character that made his debut in the pages of Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN had a series that ran seventy-five issues. Mike Carey was on hand to chronicle those stories and now Vertigo is prepared to re-release those stories in LUCIFER BOOK ONE, on sale Wednesday, May 29, 2013.

For this new volume, Mike Carey has written a new introduction, exclusive for this collection. The volume will collect THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: LUCIFER #1-3 and LUCIFER #1-13. Vertigo has given us an exclusive look at the introduction so you can find out what Carey has to say before you pick up the book at your local comic shop.

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Cast out of Heaven, Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his throne in Hell for Los Angeles. Emerging from the pages of THE SANDMAN, the former Lord of Hell is enjoying retirement as the proprietor of L.A.'s most elite piano bar when an assignment from the Creator Himself threatens to change all that. Collects THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: LUCIFER #1-3 and LUCIFER #1-13.

Written by: Mike Carey

Art by: Scott Hampton, Chris Weston, James Hodgkins, Warren Pleece, Dean Ormston, Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly

Cover by: Scott Hampton

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 392

U.S. Price: $29.99

On Sale Date: May 29 2013

Binding: Softcover

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Great series. Will be getting this. Especially when some of the old trades are out of print :p


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Ah Lucifer, how I love thee....

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Well clearly the Morningstar Option story wasn't meant to be self-contained --- unless Lucifer was supposed to receive the Letter of Passage and then just twiddle his thumbs. It was obviously the setup for a future story but my opinion might be colored by the fact that I read all this long after it was already printed.

Nice foreword though. It's a good thing Gabriel was unavailable. Thoroughly unlikable character.

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Haven't had the chance to read Lucifer. So picking this up is definitely on my list!

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nice to have something to accompany the elephant of NTT vol 3. I hope I can order tomorrow (since if stuff is here on release dates aren't always a certanty :S)

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You know, I absolutely adored Lucifer in Sandman and Sandman itself is one my all time favorite comic book series. However, I've tried twice and I just can't seem to get into the first volume of Lucifer. Am I simply doomed to never enjoy this epic character in his own series? I suppose I might give it another go here....

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I like the cover is repping the Wu-Tang.

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Never read the series but I picked up the first trade while in Chicago for cheap. If it floats my boat I may have to start picking these up.

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I would be super excited to buy this if I didn't already own all the old trades. But yeah awesome series, maybe even my favorite...

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I'm floored with excitement at this. Must...have!

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If only I didn't have so many books this week.

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I am pretty much interested into Lucifer but I never went to get some of the volumes but this is now my chance to start reading Lucifer.

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One of the best series EVER with Hellblazer !

It's a shame it's still unpublished in France...