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@koujimoreno: this time he was killed by a close mutual friend who got off relatively scott free

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If Tamaki ruins Patsy and Jen's friendship cause of silly hulk stuff this book will not recover.

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@br_havoc said:
@fables87 said:

Is this series a comedy or a drama?

It's a drama that attempts to add awkward humor to break tension.

I think I might pass on this one. Not sure I want to read a She-Hulk drama.

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Is it just me or is Marvel trying to turn Jen into Bruce Banner ?

Also, why is Jen choking herself in the cover ?

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I'm calling it,Since Marvel made Civil War II for no reason other than to cash in on the movie, I expect Hulk-She-Hulk to have to fight Thor later because Ragnarok.

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I don't like Cho much, and Banner's dead (for now at least), so maybe I'll check this out. The Hulk is in the top 3 of my favorite Marvel characters, but the books have been lacking for a while. The Marvel movies treat their core characters better than the comics it seems. I don't know, maybe what some have been saying is right and they need to scrap the whole continuum and reboot the whole Marvel comic universe. Year-0 for everyone.

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@koujimoreno: because marvel editor in chief is alex alonso

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@bane13 said:

I'm interested, but this looks really depressing in many ways. I just hope it isn't repeating/following the same plot/marketing strategy and Jen dies as well, of course she'll be replaced with someone 'progressive' and 'diverse', etc., etc.

^ This...this is why I stopped reading pretty much all comics.

It basically boils down to the words 'progressive' and 'diverse'.

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cool cover.

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Hope they manage to keep building the tension til the inevitable freakout moment comes without waiting too much nor rushing it, this series is quite enjoyable at the moment, in my opinion.

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@g2_ said:

Why Hulk title again?

Because "Hulk" sells better

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@g2_ said:

Why Hulk title again?

Because "Hulk" sells better

So bait?

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Since Banner is dead I haven't bought a single Hulk book. I mean I consider it as if right now, there are no Hulk books. I hope the whole SJW thing will blow over and we can get back to enjoying comics :) besides that, I might grab the OML with Maestro in June. Just hope they will at least explain how Maestro got out of the collectors collection.