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(W) Nick Spencer (A) Raffaele Ienco (CA) Jorge Molina

The UPRISING continues!

• The Gorgon and the Dragon Temple of The Hand attack China!

• The Avengers and The Ascendant answer the call.

Rated T+

Item Code: JUL140627 In Shops: 9/17/2014 SRP: $3.99

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they'll never know that it was i that farted in the elevator. hi hi hi.
they'll never know that it was i that farted in the elevator. hi hi hi.

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Holy Shit! Stefano Caselli & Marco Checchetto where a utterly Brilliant back and forth art team.

This is a horrific baffling Nightmarish Step down... god damn!

could be worse... (steve dillon) but still....

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they'll never know that it was i that farted in the elevator. hi hi hi.
they'll never know that it was i that farted in the elevator. hi hi hi.

I take it the artist didn't know that Gorgon's mask is actually a blindfold

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@jonny_anonymous: don't think he did. but gorgon looks FABULOUS!!! look at those eyelashes.

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Marvel needs to get its ish together on artists, this level of quality is unacceptable for a high profile superhero book. That isn't to tsay this artist has no potential to one day make a great Marvel artist, nor to say that there is not currently a place for his talents somewhere in the realm of comics. In the past year there has been a notable drop in art quality on many of Marvel's second tier books and it makes me think that they are cutting costs at the same time that they are raising prices.

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Did Marvel change the cover for this issue?

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This series is dead in the water unless they get the old art back. Dropped.

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One of the main reasons I used to read this series was Stefano Caselli's artwork.

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Yeah, I dropped this series a while ago. The story is way too drawn out and all over the place.

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remember 10-15 years ago when marvel oversaturated the x-men ...at one time uncanny x-men was a book everyone liked and collected with a top teir artist on it then they added more books more teams spread the x-men thin and kind of cheapened the X-men franchise and it never recovered or retuned to its former glory??? ....we'll its happening again but with the avengers now ...maybe in ten years when marvel destroys the avengers they'll have wolverine join the guardians of the galaxy and we will have 10 GotG books ...im just saying too much of a good thing is not good at all ..my opinion ...

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The clean-shaven skinny Wolverine on the cover looks... awkward