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DEATHMATCH has been pitting a bunch of superpowered heroes and villains against each other in an arena style combat with the loser being rewarded in death. Paul Jenkins has created a great cast of characters and the feeling that no one is safe makes the comic fascinating. With the eighth issue due in July, the second round is almost upon us. That means less characters in the book.

Check out our exclusive cover and solicit reveal courtesy of Boom! Studios.

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With the survivor pool dwindling, our heroes race against the clock to solve the mysteries of the prison before they are faced against one another in the arena. The final battles of the second round come to a close here, as DEATHMATCH barrels towards the Elite Eight!

Author(s): Paul Jenkins

Artist(s): Carlos Magno

Cover Artist(s): A: Whilce Portacio B: Reilly Brown

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@gman Where have i been that i've been missing out on all this awesomeness? I've gotta try and find these issues.

Oh, and First!

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Nice Covers

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Is that Cyclops? lol jk

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Guy with a robot squid on his head?......sigh

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Gosh that Portacio cover for Cover A is amazing! Really need to try this out...

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What happened to dragonfly?

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This book is amazing and a definite must read for fans of any comic brand. It's really that good.

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Had to look thrice and make sure I was reading it right - that's a Whilce Portacio cover! Awesome. Still can't get enough of this book.

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Just to show you how good this series is, the first guy is Manchurian, who's supposed to be like the smartest guy in the world. The guy losing control and blasting people is Meridian, who's supposed to be Superman with his heat vision. Rat, the Rorscharch-like character mentions in Issue #4 that he no longer trusts Manchurian. In the second cover, it looks as if Meridian has killed everyone, but there is someone standing in front of him holding his left hand out. Wondering if this could be Manchurian?

Professor Higgins, the Lex Luthor character, claimed to know a secret about Meridian that made this competition obsolete. Manchurian was with Meridian at the time of the event that Higgins seemed to refer to.

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Think that's Dragonfly falling just above Meridian's left shoulder.

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Loving this. I'm hoping Boom! finds some way to incorporate these characters even after this story is over.

Manchurian, Nephilim, Cube, Higgins, and Rat have all been really fun (if not the most original) additions to comic-dom.