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As Secret Wars devastates the Marvel Universe by forging a new Marvel reality on the enormous patch-work planet of Battleworld, Wade Wilson will head back to the original 1984 Secret Wars series for his Warzones! tie-in, DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS.

In 1984, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars was known for debuting Spider-Man's black costume and featuring Doctor Doom stealing the Beyonder's power, and the first-ever event series also included a variety of appearances by Deadpool that readers never saw. DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS by the Deadpool Killustrated team of Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli, will have the Merc with the Mouth revealed to be a part of the 1984 comic book event and drawn into scenes from the original series.

“Way back when, right after I had finished Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, we were looking for something out of the ordinary as a follow up,” Bunn tells Marvel.com. "One of my first suggestions was to have Deadpool thrown back in time into the middle of the original Secret Warslimited series. At the time, we decided to go in a different direction, but the idea of having Wade playing a big, in-continuity role in the events of that series stuck with me.”

Marvel.com’s interview with Bunn expands on his excitement of inserting Deadpool into all of these classic scenes from Secret Wars, especially when he meets and interacts with the Marvel heroes from the 80’s.

“When Deadpool introduces himself to the other heroes, most of them have no idea who he is,” Bunn notes. “At least, most of them are unwilling to admit that they know him! As the battle between good and evil commences, Deadpool gets plenty of opportunities to annoy the hell out of every major hero and villain in the Marvel Universe before the festivities are done!”

This May, DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS rudely places itself into Marvel continuity andinto comic book retailers everywhere.

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The Marvel Secret Wars toy line was my first exposure to superhero figs... hand me downs from my older brother

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Looks pretty cool.

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I NEED that action figure cover.

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This actually sounds awesome

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That action figure should exist!

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Wait isn't deadpool dead/dying?

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Wait isn't deadpool dead/dying?

This takes place during the original Secret Wars, back in 1984. The article clearly states that.

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that cover is just genius

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@g_man said:

I NEED that action figure cover.


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I had so many of those Secret Wars figures back in the day.

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I never had any of those figures. I wanted them though, but mom wasn't hearing it.

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These figures were disappointing even back at that time... Articulation sucked, shield idea was so lame, but they were the only superhero action figures to be had at the time, MAN things have changed!!

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Still sucks they're doing this whole new universe thing, though...

But this looks cool.

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Deadpool is awesome. But my question is: will this go into continuity of the all new mu, or will this be just for fun?

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I'm buying that variant for sure.

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Nice variant

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Like, how can you not love that variant? Genius idea. Second one I've seen, so I'm hoping this will pop up for other titles.