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Thanks, gents.

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Thanks for the great podcast.

As for books I'm reading that are worth checking out I would definitely recommend the Valiant stuff. The new X-O Manowar started and I really enjoyed the first issue.

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I wish I could contribute to the current comics conversation but everything I read is on Marvel unlimited. I'm loving X-Factor from 2007/08 though. It's my jam!

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I must have been a bit late with posting my question for last week. Not sure when you might get to this but here it is again.

I thought of this question while looking at reviews for Iron Fist:

- I was always under the impression that a critic was not there to give you an opinion, they're giving you facts. They look at writing, acting, directing, and other quantifiable factors which can actually be graded. And if you don't care about those things than it doesn't matter what they tell you, but the critic (who is an expert) is still correct. These days, when something is critically panned people seem to jump on the critics saying they're wrong or corrupted in some way.

Do you feel something has changed in the way entertainment is reviewed?

I also wanted to point out, if anyone was disappointed with Iron Fist they should check out Into the Badlands. It's also a martial arts, action show with a very interesting premise. It's not perfect but I feel it's a notch above Iron Fist. The second season is out soonish I think.

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Podcast coming anytime soon??

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