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I know we have some Black Terror fans here.  He has quite the history even though he may not be a household name like other heroes.  I was sent some info on a site that has loads of information if you're not in the loop with him.
The Black Terror is long been a Fan Favorite. He is the only hero current published by 5 publishers. He has seen print from DC Comics, Image as when a been an inspiration for costume for Marvel's Punisher. The character has a rich history starting with Ned Pines "Exciting Comics #9" in May 1941. Go to the Nedor Network for a look at his exciting origin and free downloads of 14 issues of America's Best Comics. Featuring an all new scan of America's Best Comics #19, from Yocitrus exclusively the launch of the site. Join the Black Terror Collectors Club and see a gallery of covers from all the Black Terror's adventures. There is also up to date news with all the latest on Black Terror from AC Comics, Age of Adventure, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics and Wildcat Books.

Stop by the Nedor Network today at  www.Nedor.net

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I like the Black Terror.