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Hey there going back to read birds of prey. I prefer female leads that are not metahumans facing off. Like katana, all the females in the bat family, facing off with people like Cheshire, tigress, lady shiva Talia al Ghul etc..

I cannot understand why on earth Talia and lady shiva or katana have not faced off already considering their love for swords? Also regarding Cassandra's complex relationship with her mother and father does anyone know which comics have that all? Where we get an in-depth picture to try to understand? They had a child out of rape it sounds like because he made her have a child or he would kill her and then she turns into the world's best fighter?

HUntress is another person and of course Catwoman but more Catwoman darker side not her loving side with batman. I wanted to see her more face-off with batman and bat family.

Funny my yoga teacher compared fantasy comic reading and books as a form of meditation for our minds lol. It is just so tough sifting through to find the right ones. I really liked the sports master relationship with Cheshire and tigress on young justice but the sports master in the comics is just boring. Furthermore, anyone knows the comic where we explore Batman interacting with kids other than Damian? Like Helena? Finding out who she really is?

Right now after seeing young justice Cheshire is my all-time fave.. She is just so crazy and multidimensional character. Birds of prey vol 63 she faces off with black canary and lady shiva.

ALSO, WHITE CANARY, if there was at least something on here, would be cool but it was just that one appearance and that is it. ?

Sorry I know it is a lot I have no life right now lol

Now I look up the name of a character, then I try to find what comics they are n. I find hundreds lol, I am looking for specific cross overs though. There must be a search engine?