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The new Falcon is revealed as Joaquin Torres deals with being turned into a half-bird man by a mad scientist. In addition, the Serpents are coming together to take down Sam Wilson, who is now a werewolf.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #5 has a lot going on in it. There's quite a bit for readers to keep track of and characters to follow, but Nick Spencer spins this book in a way where it's never confusing or hard to follow. The book really engages the reader rather than alienating, even if the reader isn't too familiar with some of these lesser-known characters in Captain America's world.

The book does get a bit wordy at times, really giving the reader a full scope of the story. The dialogue in these scenes is fine, so while some may find some scenes a bit daunting, it's crafted extremely well. Again, these scenes really give the reader an inside look to who these characters are and how they play into this story, which is building up very nicely. The series does have this mixture of fun along with some pretty serious undertones. Spencer is really putting his mark on this series.

Speaking of fun and serious, the new Falcon, Joaquin Torres is an interesting character. He's literally part bird, so he fits the role. We don't get to see a new costume, but we do get the start of his Hero's Journey in this issue, as he escapes the hospital, where he's being watched by D-Man, in order to go save Captain America. I have a feeling his story is really going to be the highlight of this arc.

The biggest problem, for me, comes from the fact that Sam Wilson is a werewolf. It lends this book a bit of silliness and frankly, it's just not something I'm personally a fan of. This arc has been a bit tough to get through, but that doesn't mean it's not an enjoyable read.

Paul Renaud and Romulo Fajardo work on the art on this book and while it may be tough to follow Daniel Acuna, even though Renaud worked on the last issue, Renaud and Fajardo have a style that stands on its own all while being partially in the same tone as Acuna, so it's an easy transition and has a nice flow between issues. There aren't giant, stand-out moments with the art, but what this team does exceptionally well is panel-to-panel storytelling, which is far more important than a string of splash pages.

We don't have a new costumed Falcon, but we get the new character's first adventure with Captain America. The issue is solid and a good read, but I'm much more interested to see how this all plays out against a whole bunch of villains in snake outfits. The art team does a great job here, but the main problem I have is the werewolf Cap story. It's not my cup of tea. Regardless, Spencer continues to do a great job on this book. I recommend picking this issue up.

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Missed the last issue going to have to catch back up this week! Looking forward to finding out about this new falcon!

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So theres Captain Falcon and Vampire Falcon...cool

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Been loving this series and how Cap has been facing things that people talk about in real life first it was immigration and now its US Corporation

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Kill off Falcon, half his molecules rearranged by Silver Surfer.

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GREAT book

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so cap is a werewolf..... this....falcon.... green arrow is a were wolf..... i need a vacation

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why hasnt anyone put down D-man yet?

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I am enjoying this arc but I do want to see Sam revert back to normal soon.

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This new Falcon design reminds me too much of Femto from Berserk. I am immediately distrustful of this new Falcon.

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@bradwilk: They really do look alike huh, let's hope that's were the similarities end lol.

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I'm really hating this comic right now. It's so damn dull. You'd think when they decided to put Sam in the suit that they'd kick it off with a bang instead we get a big fat nobody villain, tons of exposition and common villain dialogue, oh yeah and best of all, cap turns into a werewolf to make it worse. I'll probably be dropping this soon if nothing interesting happens.

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Nobody's talking about the Misty Night scene? I loved that part! She just goes up, states her name and what she's going to do, and then starts fighting! It was awesome!

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I am completely uninterested in Captain America being a werewolf. Shame because I really enjoyed the first few issues.

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I feel so disappointed that I'm not enjoying this series more. Good writer that I like? Check. Great art? Check. Character I care about? Check. Enjoyment? Low...

I'm ready for Steve to be Cap and Sam to be Falcon again.

Also, does anyone else hate the stupid eyes on the new Falcon?

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So Marvel/Disney have succeeded in forcibly change Captain America to an African-American and the Falcon to a Caucasian ... because let's be honest, that's what this whole reboot is about: switch up the race of the lead and support character.

Ugh, why not focus on good writing instead and promoting existing African-American characters? I mean, why not keep existing non-caucasian characters and give them a more prominent role?

All this forced political correctness is really putting me off as it all seems so forced and unnatural in the flow of the stories ... and this is coming from a Marvel fan who has been reading since before the original secret wars.

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I haven't read the book yet but am curious how Diamondback went from being a hero and shield investigator to being back in the Serpent Society... did anyone bother to explain this?

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why is no one bringing up the fact that the new falcon is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. The book legit showed flashbacks of him crossing the border illegally, and then, helping other illegal aliens enter the country.. HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE? im really surprised this wasnt brought up in the review @inferiorego.. be prepared to answer some questions this week on the podcast about it cause i got plenty more to say.

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why is no one bringing up the fact that the new falcon is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.

Because I don't care.

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@inferiorego: well you should care. people not caring and sympathizing with these people (illegal aliens) are whats wrong with this country.

i know this sounds like the words of an old white racist but thats not the case. I dont care if the new falcon was mexican, asian, muslim.. whatever, as long as he was LEGALLY here. but hes not. how can you support a character like this?

Marvel has gone too far this time. I get the gender equality and race equality issues they have been tackling and im all for that, but this is what crossed the line.

I normally enjoy Nick Spencers work, but you can clearly see that he has an agenda to speak out against Trump and his immigration issues and for him to try to get readers to sympathize for a group of people that are illegally trying to gain access to America is ridiculous, unamerican and immoral.

Where do you draw the line?

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i know this sounds like the words of an old white racist but thats not the case. I dont care if the new falcon was mexican, asian, muslim.. whatever, as long as he was LEGALLY here. but hes not. how can you support a character like this?

No, it's the words of a xenophobe. We're all humans on this dumb rock traveling through space, but we spend our time yelling about people crossing imaginary borders we made up because as a species, we're absurdly territorial. It's stupid.

Also, it's totally a fictional book. They're not crossing a line because immigration is very topical right now.

Everyone should bash Trump. He's a blow-hard, fear-monger whose only positive attributes are that he has charisma and can sway a crowd. He's the worst thing to happen to the Republican party in decades. To boot, the dude is dumb as rocks. He tries to rile people up by emotionally manipulating them and creating a xenophobic society, saying that Muslims and Mexicans have all destroyed the American dream. What a bunch of hooey. He's a quick little fun fact: Name another person, who is smart, who constantly has to tell people that he/she is smart? The answer is no one.

Going to another land and living there, without the local government's approval is THE MOST American thing you can do: see Columbus coming to America, Manifest Destiny, EVERY occupation the American military has ever had (Japan, Guam, I could go on forever).

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First off, im not a xenophobe... i stated i dont care what race the character is a long as he was here legally. If he originated in mexico, asia, the middle east... i dont care, thats all good and fine with me, so please dont get me confused with racists or xenophobes.

the imaginary borders you bring up are boundaries needed to keep a peaceful existence. without them, you would have pure chaos.

Im obviously aware the book is fictional, but that doesnt stop writers from trying to persuade readers to feel one way about real life things. in this case, its obvious what nick spencer is trying to accomplish and i dont think its ethical or moral for Marvel to do so.

Yes, we should all bash Trump. im not saying what he is campaigning is right at all. but neither is looking the other way on an issue like this.

Bringing up the fact that "the most american thing to do" is to take over a land is an infantile way of thinking.

Do you pay your taxes Mat? If so, why? Apparently you dont care if people are in this country illegally not paying their share so why do you?

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I can't wait for Steve Rogers:Captain America.

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So, Captain America has this guy locked up in his basement because he has the same condition with which he goes out of the house all the time. Literally chains him to his bed despite that being unnecessary, because he isn't a threat and Misty Knight(the honestly weakest part of this series) shoots at him and threatens him with a gun to make him comply. And he has solely positive feelings towards all of them? Sorry, but what the hell?